The Best Automated Webinar Software

Webinars are one of the greatest ways to share your product information with a whole lot of people at once. People are using this feature for masterclasses, online seminars, etc.

So what’s even better? Automated Webinars!

Automated webinars are webinars that are basically on autopilot i.e. they are automated and they don’t need you to manually host it.

You just need to set up the webinar in advance set the instructions, configure things like chat off, etc.

This automation work by planning in advance the start and end of webinars and automating when to play your pre-recorded videos or presentations during the webinars.

So when planning to do this, you don’t want to end up with last-minute problems that can create disaster for you and your viewers.

How To Choose The Best Software For Your Webinars?

The best-automated webinar software would depend on your webinar goals and needs.

But still here are key points to compare and pay attention to when picking out the best software:

  1. Lags:

When selecting the webinar service make sure that the lags are minimum as possible, as this can make you lose sales, potential customers for your brand.

  1. Quality Of Video:

The quality of your videos will dictate how interested your audience will be during the sessions and if it drops significantly and they can’t understand what you are presenting they may leave.

So before picking out software please test it.

  1. Customer Support:

Another feature overlooked when comparing software, a service can provide world-class features at low rates, but bugs and errors are never completely gone, and when hosting webinars, issues like freezing screens, unclickable links can kill your sale.

To fix it customer support should be responsive and actually helpful.

  1. Navigation:

User interfaces don’t have to be fancy as possible but they should be easy to navigate by users to avoid learning or reading heavy instructions.

  1. Templates:

Almost all services offer pre-designed templates to help you automate webinars quickly but you need to see if they are effective, lag-free, and easy to understand by your attendees.

Now that you know how to pick you here are our top suggestions for hosting your next automated webinars:

1)   WebinarKit:


Let’s start the list with one of the best webinars software out there.

WebinarKit can be used by experienced marketers to people who have never used webinars before.

The interface is quite simple, lag-free, and has updated features to suit your needs.

Sometimes you need to compromise browsing experience when choosing webinars but in this case, WebinarKit can work with all your major browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.


  • A one-time fee make’s it one of the most affordable webinar software on the list.
  • Beginner-friendly user interface and navigation.
  • Powerful analytics that helps you close the sale.
  • Optimized for all devices to ensure a smooth experience of your webinars.
  • Powerful webinar scheduling.
  • Supports major integrations like Mailchimp, convertkit, zapier, etc
  • Easy to follow quick tutorials to help setting up your webinars.


  • Lack of customization of fields on the registration page.


  • Currently one-time fee for lifetime access at 67$

2)   EverWebinar:

If you are looking to make your automated webinar look like a “live webinar” then you should give EverWebinar a shot.

One of the best features of EverWebinar’s is that it lets you create an automated live chat, which means that you can pre-schedule Q&A to appear automatically in your chatbox.

But what if the attendees ask their own questions?

If that happens then you will get an email and then you can respond directly.

So this makes things more automated and efficient.


  • Great integrations with Facebook ads, instapage, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Live chat simulator makes the overall webinar experience of audiences more interactive.
  • Low monthly cost, free trials to test things out.
  • The training program comes with a package.
  • Quick setup.
  • Different tailored emails for a different audience makes it easy to identify potential clients.


  • Templates are not the best compared to the others.
  • Customer support is not very great either.


3)   Click Meeting:

ClickMeeting is known for one of the cheapest options in the market with few feature-rich services.

As no installations are required this service is web-based and still offers a great user experience.


  • Low cost starting at 25$ per month.
  • Great interface and smooth functioning, easy to navigate.
  • No installations required.
  • Stream events from YouTube and Facebook.
  • Includes tools like a whiteboard and other presentation modes.
  • Free trials.


  • Functionality can sometimes be not up to the mark.
  • Audio issues including mic problems.
  • Not completely beginner-friendly


4)   Livestorm:

Livestorm is known for its seamless integration with over 1000 apps including HubSpot, Salesforce, FB ads, Google analytics, etc.

So if you are looking for a webinar that can integrate with almost anything Livestorm should be your choice.

Other than that the service provides high-quality webinars which is always a great feature to consider when selecting anything related to video chat.


  • Stable and easy-to-use platform with outstanding performance.
  • Excellent from startups to big fortune 500 companies.
  • Integration for more than 1000 apps that can make your goals more achievable.
  • Unlimited HD webinars.
  • Like Clickmeeting no installations required.
  • Customization for your brand can create a whole experience unique to your brand.


  • Sometimes PowerPoint presentations are incompatible.
  • Average customer service.
  • Switching screens can create problems.


5)   Easy Webinar:

As the name suggests EasyWebinar is one of the most beginner-friendly automated webinar tools in the market.

The user interface is designed for people to easily navigate and conduct webinars without going through heavy instructions.

Also, EasyWebinar has great compatibility with devices like mobile phones, Tablets, etc.


  • Better security through encryption using Dolby Technologies.
  • Designed with marketing strategies kept in mind.
  • Beginner friendly, easy to set up in less time.
  • Great templates that make using the service even better.
  • Functionality is fairly reliable.
  • Great customer support.
  • Let’s record and archive any sessions.


  • Uploads of video content while setting up is sometimes slow and not completely bug-free.
  • Issues with sound and mic are reported.
  • Integration with other apps is not smooth as other services listed.

Pricing:Automated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar SoftwareAutomated Webinar Software

Final Thoughts:

Automated Webinars are an excellent choice to save time and effort if you are planning an event to advertise your product, building a sales funnel, or conducting a masterclass.

However, as automated webinars are not interactive, users may feel a little deceived as their queries or questions are left hanging.

So a good approach is to take a follow-up or ensure to add your creative ways in which this issue gets addressed.

Which automated webinar service do you use? Did we mention it here?

Thank you for reading!

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