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How I Make $2,000 Each Month with Freelance Writing on Fiverr

Want to ditch your dreary-day job and start earning over $2,000 each month with a thriving freelance writing side hustle? With zero experience, I went from $0 to a consistent five-figure income in under a year on the platform.

If you follow the proven framework I outline here, you can realistically expect to earn $1,000+ per month within your first 6 months of freelancing on Fiverr. I’ll explain step-by-step how to create killer gigs, wow clients with your writing, and consistently get great reviews.

I and dozens of other top-rated sellers have tried and tested the key pillars for Fiverr freelance writing success that I cover. Demand for quality writers keeps rising, so by filling this need, you can build a lucrative writing business.

Here’s exactly what i’ll cover:

  •  How I optimized my Fiverr gigs for maximum views and conversions
  • Actionable tips for writing gig descriptions that magnetically attract clients
  • My simple but effective strategies for over-delivering on client orders
  • How to leverage client reviews to quickly rank at the top of Fiverr search
  • Common rookie mistakes to avoid when getting started on the platform
  •  Additional Fiverr tools and services to boost income from writing

I’ll also explain how to get started even if you have no professional writing experience yet. This framework works for everyone, from total beginners to seasoned freelance writers looking to scale up on Fiverr.

By the end, you’ll have a complete game plan tailored specifically to find freelance writing success on Fiverr in 2023 and beyond. So if you’re ready to ditch your boring day job and build a thriving writing business, read on!

In this comprehensive guide for Fiverr beginners, you’ll discover:

  • The best-selling writing gigs that continue to make me $2k+ per month
  • How to price your writing services for maximum profit
  • Real examples of top-performing Fiverr writing gigs
  • Crafting 5-star gig pitches that convert browsers into buyers
  •  Building your portfolio and profile for credibility
  • Delivering orders quickly at outstanding quality

So if you want to ditch your day job and start a profitable freelance writing career, you’ll love this complete A-Z guide for getting started on Fiverr!

There are over 5.5 million active buyers and 830,000 sellers on Fiverr, bringing in $337.4 million in revenue, an increase of 13.3% year over year, which puts Fiverr as one of the foremost freelancing platforms.


Challenges and Risks of Freelance Writing on Fiverr:

While the freedom and income potential of freelance writing are alluring, it’s crucial to acknowledge the challenges and risks involved. This path isn’t without its bumps. Income can be inconsistent, client disputes can arise, and competition is fierce. However, with realistic expectations, effective strategies, and unwavering dedication, these challenges can be overcome.

fiverr writing jobs for beginners


How Does Fiverr Work

If you have been a freelancer, you know getting clients is the number one headache. Fiverr is a marketplace that provides a ready market for both talent and clients looking to get work done. Fiverr sellers are invited to create a productized service, a fancy way to say it, a predesigned package and a price.

This makes it easy for buyers to buy off the shelf, as they have all they need to buy your service based on your gig description. If they want something extra or less, they can message you for a custom offer.

Fiverr as a platform brings together both parties while serving as the third party or escrow. So you are assured of your money, while the client is assured of getting exactly what they want or even more…

Here’s how I got started, and you should too if you haven’t yet started. If you have already launched your Fiverr career, you can take some cues from my journey and what I learned.


For me, it was a no-brainer; I knew how to write, and I was pretty confident I could write quality content for buyers. I launched straight into blog article writing.


But I would do it differently. I would perform some research which will allow me to strike the hot niches that pay a lot. Some YouTubers and how-to-make-money online gurus will say you can make money on Fiverr without any skills. That is 100% true. But you know what? You couldn’t make a lot of dream income selling those services because you will always be stuck selling your services at $5. What you want to do is start with a skill you already have. Suppose you don’t have any sellable skills. In that case, you can start with services that require zero skills, like background removal, Beta reading, website and app user testing, virtual assistant, and even transcription with the help of software, both free and premium.


But don’t dwell there for long. Learn a skill like SaaS blog article writing, product descriptions, white papers, case studies, website content writing, or any popular writing niches on Fiverr. You can identify what you would enjoy writing by doing a simple search on the platform for already-hot services with lots of buyers every month. Note that these skills will pay you based on the difficulty levels. Easy work hardly pays. Consider competition Level as well as Pricing.


What affects how much you can charge for freelance writing?

In my early days, I used to be bitter about how other writers charged an insane percentage more than I charged, and I felt stuck. I soon realized that the life of a freelancer is just like that of a 9-5 employee. This is what I mean. Freelancer writers are rarely paid their value unless they demand it. And without the courage, you may get stuck in the rabbit hole of low-priced projects that keep you fed enough to keep working, just like a 9-5 job. But I quit my job to do this for freedom, so I needed to make it count. These are the key factors that affect how much you can charge.


Number one is your industry. Your industry is the first major thing to consider. As a beginner, you may struggle to decide, and I know I did too. But as I took on more clients and explored the many industries available, I realized some paid significantly more than others. And this is obvious when you look at the search results for terms such as health writer and saas writer on Fiverr.


Number Two is your chosen niche.

a niche is a smaller segment of an entire market. You may be a SaaS writer, but you specialize in writing white papers for crypto startups. This is very specific. Deciding to play in this one niche means you are able to build more experience, knowledge, and expertise in writing the best white papers out there compared to the average writer who only identifies as a “writer.”


The third lever that determines how much you can price your gig is your years of experience. This, of course, is not very relevant on Fiverr. You can generate hundreds of 5-star reviews on Fiverr, and that alone will skyrocket your reputation as one of the top writers on the platform. But that doesn’t mean it’s totally useless. I don’t want to place much emphasis on it because it’s only an indicator of time, which isn’t always good at determining how good you are at your craft. But in general, if you have more than two years of experience in writing, it’s good to showcase it. But if you ask me, it’s better you let the buyer determine your value instead of how many years you have been writing for. Charge what you feel you are worth.


Depending on your combination of industry, niche, and experience, you can charge anywhere between $5 and $500 or even more on Fiverr for a piece of content. Fiverr is no longer a place where you can buy anything for $5. It’s far from that, and that has allowed many sellers or freelancers to create an income source that sustains their lifestyle on a full-time basis.


Number three is your segmented target audience.

Newbies with no experience: Start with small, affordable gigs to build your portfolio and establish positive reviews. Focus on niches with high demand and a low barrier to entry, like blog post writing or social media copywriting.

Experienced writers: Leverage your expertise to command higher rates and target specialized niches. Offer premium services like white papers, case studies, or technical writing.

Number Three is on Niche Research and Validation 

Researching profitable niches: Utilize Fiverr’s search bar and competitor analysis tools to identify trending topics and in-demand skills. Analyze buyer requests and feedback to understand specific needs.

Validating demand: Don’t solely rely on Fiverr data. Explore other freelance platforms, industry forums, and social media groups to gauge broader market trends and potential client pain points.

Create your gig

It’s simple. Choose a title that stands out, set your price, and offer real value to your potential clients. It’s best practice to use the packages feature so buyers can choose what exactly meets what they want. Write a clear and concise description, and select relevant tags to ensure your gig appears in relevant search results. Ensure your gig title is SEO friendly, SEO gig titles get seen and rank easily on the platform.


Get your first writing job.

Once your gig is live, it’s time to get your first order. Stay active, respond quickly, and offer exceptional service. You never know who could become a repeat customer or even refer you to others. Most new sellers treat Fiverr like a mere platform, but it’s better to see it as a community where anyone at any moment could chip in to ask about your services, and you want to always be online to respond to them. This is very basic but very difficult for many to stick to it , follow it religiously like a ritual and you will start getting lots of freelance writing jobs easily.


Get Results, Build Portfolio and Reputation

With each completed order, you’ll build your portfolio and reputation. Make sure to ask your clients for feedback and use it to improve your services. Before you know it, you’ll have a list of happy clients and a solid reputation to attract even more business. This process could take a couple of months or even years, but Fiverr rewards quality, so you will rise faster if you stay professional and do great work. Your writing portfolio is the only best way to attract good clients looking to find freelance writer, these type of clients pay attention to details and are looking for writers not only with writing skills but writing experience


Optimize Your Gig Description

Standing out from the competition starts with optimizing your gig content so it grabs buyers’ attention. When prospective clients are searching through the thousands of writing gigs on Fiverr, you want yours to appeal as a unique, tailored option versus all the rest.

Take time to thoroughly analyze the top performing gigs in your niche and think critically about any service gaps not currently being addressed. Does the competition gloss over certain offerings you could specialize in? What additional value could you provide that aligns with your strengths? By closely evaluating what’s already available, you can identify strategic ways to differentiate.

Along with niche service offerings, clearly conveying why you are distinctly qualified is pivotal. Demonstrate your competitive advantage through carefully highlighting your background, credentials and experience that position you as an expert writer ready to deliver. Share specific examples that exhibit your capability tackling the type of content the client needs.

Finally, weave in authentic testimonials from past buyers that validate your skills and reinforce the unique value you bring. Adding genuine reviews focused on your excellent work and strong capabilities goes a long way towards persuading potential new clients to hire you over others.

Optimizing these elements – niche services, unique value and social proof – set your Fiverr gig up for pulling in that first all-important order. Do this successfully right from launch by showcasing what makes you the ideal writer to fulfill buyers’ needs

Show a Strong Writing Portfolio

Tailoring your portfolio: Showcase samples relevant to your chosen niche and target audience. Include high-performing Fiverr projects, guest blog posts, or published work on personal websites.

Platform optimization: Utilize Fiverr’s portfolio features effectively. Choose captivating titles, clear descriptions, and visually appealing formats. Consider including client testimonials and quantifiable results.

Pricing Strategies Over Time

When first setting rates as a new freelance writer on Fiverr, it’s wise to research competitor pricing thoroughly first. Analyze the going rates for writers offering similar services in your niche. Generally, as a newcomer seeking those important initial reviews, starting on the lower end of average pricing is advisable.

However, while undercutting established freelancers on price may help score your earliest buyers, a superior long-term strategy focuses on gradually increasing rates over time. After consistently delivering 5-star service, accentuate your climbing review count when politely requesting slightly higher fees from regular loyal clients. Emphasize how expanded experience from completed orders directly translates to elevated quality.

Eventually by doing superb work for appreciative customers, you build the credibility to position yourself as a premium service provider versus entry-level competition. This evolution allows you to command above-average pricing over time as you stake recognition as an authority in your niche.

Another lever in the growth phase is packaging and selling bundles of core services at an advantageous value. A customizable content bundle blending blog posts, social media posts and newsletters for one monthly rate intrigues clients with the appeal of an in-house resource. These memberships become significant recurring revenue streams thanks to years of expertise honing the freelancing craft.

Rather than maintaining a cut-rate race to the bottom, implement calculated pricing increases over time tied directly to cementing your stature. Loyal repeat buyers and bundled service offerings enable ascending to prominence as a premium freelance writing resource.

fiverr writing jobs for beginners


Become An Agency Through Drop Servicing

Fiverr can easily get overwhelming when you become successful. You have two options when it gets to this point, increase your prices or work with a small team in an agency format. But you can also increase your price based on your assessment of how much buyers are willing to pay. Pivoting into an agency model could result in low quality and many problems that could kill your account, so you have got to be careful. But others have done it, and it’s certainly possible to make a million dollars doing this. Here’s a little success story for you. I use her because she has received enough press to validate what she is doing.


Alexandra Fasulo, a freelance copywriter, started selling her writing services on Fiverr in 2014. Her business grew quickly; by 2019, she had hired another freelance copywriter to help her manage the demand. Eventually, her business crossed the 1 million dollar mark on Fiverr.

With more press and opportunities coming her way, she realized that it was time for a change. In 2021, she decided to build an agency that could take her business to the next level. She hired a friend as her agency manager, who assigned work on a rotational basis to a team of five content writers.

The orders were sent out through a Slack channel, where the writers were given instructions and timelines. Once completed, the finished products were returned to the agency manager, who delivered the order to the client.

This new way of doing business, which she lovingly dubbed “drop servicing,” allowed her to cut down her working hours from 50-hour weeks to just 3-hour weeks. She took home 40% of everything made through the business without putting in the long hours.

Since setting up the agency in July 2021, Alexandra has been able to start multiple passive side hustles, such as selling ebooks, online courses, and PDF downloads. She also spends a few hours per day growing her social media through video content, articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

By 2022, she finally had time to write her first book, “Freelance Your Way to Freedom,” which became a bestseller. Thanks to drop servicing, Alexandra found the work-life balance she needed to achieve financial freedom.


From her story, pivoting into an agency model involves systemizing your processes and how you get work done so that your team can easily plug in without compromising on quality, timely deliveries, and all the other factors that keep a Fiverr account competitive. Do these;

  • Systemize your processes
  • Build templates
  • Invest in tools such as Slack, Grammarly, and Google Workspace, and even if you know how to engineer prompts, you could dabble in ChatGPT or Jasper for AI-generated content.


My Top Fiverr Freelancing Lessons for You!

This has been a long video. So to be sure you get my top lessons, I put everything into a couple of lessons for you to take home.

Overdeliver your orders!

Most buyers are excited to start selling on Fiverr because of the potential to sell their gigs for thousands of dollars. But the more they get to know the platform, the more they realize it’s a place where you have to start small in terms of pricing. If you are a new seller with 0 reviews, no one will trust you enough to buy a gig for $1000 from you.


As a newbie, starting with a simple offer for a couple of bucks, such as 15 or 20, is the way to start. But while you may be earning less than your actual value, you will soon be able to earn more than you ever imagined as you build your reputation on the platform as an expert in your niche. Over Delivering is a core part of this strategy. Sell cheap but overdeliver.


That alone would secure lots of 5-star reviews allowing you to increase your price as you grow into thousands of reviews as a writer. Expand your knowledge base to avoid writer’s block, be inspired to write original content, and over-deliver on any project.


Make It Easy for Buyers to See Your Value

One of the major challenges sellers on Fiverr experience is increasing their prices. It may seem simple, but it isn’t. Increasing prices means more money, but most sellers dread the fact that they could lose all their clients immediately. They increase their prices because some other seller is offering the exact same thing but at a much lower price. But you see, services are never the same. A writer with three years of experience may offer the same thing as a writer with seven years of experience. But the quality of the content is definitely not the same. The problem here is that most buyers won’t necessarily know the difference. I have had buyers come to me with content that was written by a new writer seeking my help to improve it.


That is because they often go for the cheaper option, but when they realize their desire to buy from the cheapest got, them a sub-par piece of content. Use your gig, portfolio, featured clients, testimonials, video, frequently asked questions, and other features that Fiverr provides to make your gigs and profile stand out from the rest. Make it obvious that they can expect nothing but the rest from you. While these features help, I have realized that a good place to seal the deal is when potential buyers message you. That is where you can control the conversation, ask questions and, diagnose what the client needs, then show them similar work you have done with the results. Immediately they see this, you have sold them on your value, and they are likely to never go looking for another seller because, at that point, you would have established trust, which they don’t have with any other seller.


Invest in Your Fiverr Marketing

Fiverr is a marketplace with pre-existing buyers. The company spends millions every month to bring in buyers, so why would you take time off your busy schedule to bring in your own buyers? The answer is simple, and you stand to earn more. Fiverr rewards sellers who bring in their own clients because it grows the platform. But also, you are able to charge more if buyers already have an idea of who you are and what you are capable of if you have a relationship with them from outside of the platform.


Make time for your play.

Fiverr is a stressful platform. You can easily get lost and not have a life outside the platform. Your projects stagnate, your personal life dries up, and you lose touch with the outside world. It’s important to network with other freelancers. But also, build fun projects, build projects that stand to grow your income outside of the platform, like building your website, building your personal website, and writing for outside media platforms, which give you leverage to charge more for your services. In essence, have fun outside of the platform, and immediately you have a good income, seek to be less dependent on the platform.


Have a long-term freelancing plan.

It’s crazy how freelancers leave the future to chance. Ask them what plans they have for their business in the next 3 years and they   have nothing to say. Growth doesn’t just happen, that is why companies hire growth engineers. Be your own growth engineer and make your business bigger than what it is now.


Lesson Six has really helped me to get this far, making over 2000 dollars a month on a platform where only the top 5% earn more than 1000 dollars a month. I constantly invested in myself as a business owner, a creative, and also in my capacity.


Being successful as a freelancer involves being able to be a good self-starter, learning continuously, constantly reinventing yourself, and growing. If you want to go from making $0 to $2000 in just three months, my biggest tip would be to be intentional about every aspect of your business and your personal growth.

You may just be a writer, but follow trends. In the wake of the crypto boom, many freelancers who saw the opportunity made thousands and even millions by selling NFT art, content writing, copywriting for crypto startups, and more. The current rush is AI, ChatGPT, and prompt engineering.


With a little research, you can find what you can do as a writer to cash in on the AI rush and make some good income helping buyers on Fiverr.


For freelance developers, this meant learning what it takes to build a crypto project and the languages, frameworks, principles, and standard practices involved. Our world is constantly changing and occasionally, trends may be the greatest source of revenue.


If YouTube automation is on the rise, chances are you can make many bucks as a video script writer. If SaaS startups are on the rise, chances are that you can make tons of cash tailoring your skills for such brands. And when things are trending, those are the periods when you can make insane cash from them before they dry out or become a norm with average earning potential.


Communicate and manage clients effectively

Communication best practices: Respond promptly and professionally to inquiries. Actively listen to client needs and ask clarifying questions. Set realistic deadlines and proactively communicate updates.

Managing expectations: Clearly outline your scope of work and deliverables. Be transparent about pricing and revision policies. Proactively address potential concerns to avoid misunderstandings

Diversifying your reach:

Fiverr is agreat platform but don’t rely solely on it. Build your own website, network on relevant platforms like LinkedIn, and guest post on industry blogs to attract clients directly. Alternative marketplaces: Explore other freelance platforms like Upwork or to expand your reach and access different client pools


Diversifying your income :

Develop additional revenue streams beyond Fiverr. Offer consulting services, create online courses, or write e-books. This mitigates income fluctuations and builds long-term value. Adapting and learning: Stay updated on industry trends, new technologies, and evolving client needs. Continuously invest in skills development and adapt your offerings accordingly. Preventing burnout: Set healthy boundaries, prioritize self-care, and schedule breaks. Delegate tasks when necessary and create a sustainable work-life balance to avoid burnout and maintain long-term success.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I choose the right niche as a beginning freelance writer?

Choosing a profitable niche with strong buyer demand is crucial when launching your freelance writing career on Fiverr. Research popular writing categories like blog posts, website content, product descriptions, case studies and more. Compare your skills and interests to identify the best niche match that aligns with your expertise while offering income potential. Limit yourself to 1-2 niches initially so you can establish authority.


Q: What is the best way to stand out from competing Fiverr writing gigs?

Optimizing your gig content is vital for getting noticed. Carefully analyze top performing listings to identify any service gaps you can uniquely fill. Clearly convey why you are distinctly qualified for this niche through highlighting relevant background and samples of your work. Weave in genuine client testimonials that reinforce the quality you deliver.


Q: How should new content writers on Fiverr effectively showcase their experience?

Craft an authoritative profile by prominently featuring your credentials, education and certifications related to your niche. Provide tangible evidence like client reviews, testimonials and portfolio samples that validate your abilities. Share some personal background to connect with potential buyers on an authentic level. Proving your expertise builds trust in new clients.


Q: What are some recommendations to find clients beyond just my Fiverr gigs?

Create your own website with services details and writing samples. Guest post on popular blogs aligned to your niche. Look for speaking opportunities at industry conferences or meetings. Strategically network online through social media and in-person at relevant events. Marketing yourself beyond Fiverr is invaluable for business growth.


Q: What tips do you have to find the best freelance content writing opportunities on Fiverr?

The best way to find top freelance writing opportunities on Fiverr is to carefully research the categories and gigs seeing the most customer transactions. Identify the specific niches that align well with your skills and background. Optimizing your profile, gig details, samples and testimonials is key to getting hired over other competing freelancers.


Q: What advice would you give to help find easy fiverr writing jobs for beginners?

For beginners, concentrate on selecting one or two profitable writing niches to start out in rather than listing wide-ranging services. Spend ample time communicating with prospective clients and focus intently on delivering 5-star work. Building a solid portfolio and reviews on early orders leads to long-term relationships with buyers.


Q: How should someone start freelance writing on Fiverr?

Getting started as new freelance writer involves thoughtful niche selection, tightly crafting your gig content and competitive pricing to acquire those initial all-important orders. Establish credibility through showcasing credentials, testimonials and portfolio samples. Maintain flawless 5-star service to quickly convert buyers into loyal return clients to organically grow your freelance writing on the platform.


Q: How be seen quickly for clients looking for freelance writers for hire?

Beyond well-optimized profile and gigs, utilize Fiverr’s keyword search to target buyer requests using relevant terminology. Bid on Buyer Requests matching your niche to get discovered. Promote your exact services across social channels driving potential clients to your gigs. Spotlight testimonials conveying satisfied customers to establish reputation and trust for new buyers.

Q: What is Fiverr?

A: Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers offer their services, which can be delivered remotely online. It’s a platform for individuals to buy and sell a variety of digital services, including freelance writing, graphic design, social media management, and more.

Q: How can I start earning on Fiverr as a freelance content writer?

A: To start earning on Fiverr as a freelance content writer, you need to create a seller account on the Fiverr website, set up your profile, and start offering your writing services. You can create content writing gigs, showcase your skills, and provide a clear job description to attract potential clients.

Q: What are some tips for beginners to find success on Fiverr?

A: For beginners looking to find success on Fiverr, it’s essential to optimize your gig descriptions, offer competitive pricing, and showcase your expertise through past work samples. Additionally, actively promoting your gigs, delivering high-quality work, and maintaining good communication with clients can help you build a positive reputation on the platform.

Q: Can I outsource my writing work on Fiverr?

A: Yes, Fiverr is a great platform for outsourcing your writing projects. You can find experienced freelance content writers who offer proofreading, copywriting, and editing skills on Fiverr. It’s a convenient way to access professional writing services for various projects.

Q: Is social media management a popular service on Fiverr?

A: Yes, social media management is a popular service offered on Fiverr. Many freelancers specialize in social media marketing, content creation, and managing social media accounts for businesses and individuals on the platform.

Q: What types of freelance jobs are available on Fiverr for beginners?

A: Fiverr offers a wide range of freelance jobs for beginners, including graphic design, web design, proofreading, copywriting, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your freelance services, Fiverr provides an opportunity to connect with potential clients and offer your skills and expertise.

Q: How can I become a freelance writer on Fiverr?

A: To become a freelance writer on Fiverr, you can create a seller account, set up your profile, and start offering your writing services. You can specialize in areas like copywriting, proofreading, blog writing, and other content-related services to attract clients who need your expertise.

Q: Is it necessary to have graphic design skills to succeed on Fiverr as a writer?

A: While having graphic design skills can be beneficial, it’s not necessary to succeed on Fiverr as a writer. Fiverr caters to a diverse range of services, and clients specifically seeking writing services will focus on your writing portfolio and capabilities.

Q: Can I offer services other than writing on Fiverr?

A: Yes, you can offer a wide variety of services on Fiverr, beyond just writing. Whether it’s graphic design, web development, voice-over services, or digital marketing, Fiverr allows freelancers to showcase their expertise and offer their services to a global audience.

Q: What are some best practices for working as a freelance writer on Fiverr?

A: Some best practices for working as a freelance writer on Fiverr include delivering high-quality work, maintaining clear communication with clients, meeting deadlines, and continually refining your skills. Building positive client relationships and getting positive reviews can also contribute to your success as a freelance writer on Fiverr.



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