How To Get Clients On Fiverr As A Beginner

Are you a Fiverr beginner and wondering how to attract potential buyers to your gig to get your first buyer on the Fiverr website? One of the biggest challenges most beginner freelancers face is how to win their first client and grow their business in terms of clientele going forward.

This is more serious with the increasing number of new sellers joining the platform. It’s a challenging face that includes a lot of trial and error of certain practices to generate traffic and attract potential buyers.

This is also the face in the freelancing journey where some people who are not patient enough throw in the towel and give up on their freelancing career. Back in the early days of freelance work, freelancers will have to make thousands of cold calls and send hundreds of cold emails.

You would have to spend days or weeks tracking leads in the hope that one of them will convert. But does that mean you should give up and quit on your freelancing hustle? No!

In today’s modern world of ours, there are strategies and tools that make it easier than ever to find and secure buyers for your business. Gigs or services.

But even with these strategies and tools, it’s not always very easy. You will have to learn how to win clients on Fiverr just like in traditional businesses and that’s why we have put together some tips for you in this article.

So, if that sounds like something which you find helpful and would want to know, keep reading.


There are several thousand if not millions of skills and services offered on Fiverr by freelancers from across the globe. Some of whom are very talented and more experienced than other freelancers in the skills or service they are offering. Regardless of the skill or service you are offering on Fiverr, you are not the only one selling that skill or service on Fiverr. There are millions of other freelancers who are offering the same skills or services on the website. 

Competitors exist in every niche, and having competitors is crucial to building something new in the field. Take your time to explore your competition and have an idea what they are offering.

Look for sellers who offer similar services to what you want to offer, and review their profiles and gigs carefully. Check out the higher level and lower level sellers of the same service or skill you want to offer to see the difference between them.

So if you can offer a unique service that your competitors don’t already offer, it’s an advantage for you over them. Competition is always based on competitors and the high demand nature of a skill or service, so when you stand out and offer a unique service on Fiverr, you are more likely to get your first order quickly.

For instance you are a designer, you can create unique style designs that stand out from your competitors. More also, you can go for non-competitive or less-competitive service categories by checking the number of gigs created in those categories.

Additionally, if you have created a gig and are already offering, you can magnify your gig with unique descriptions, offerings, or services and unique gig images and a video of yourself to attract more buyers’ attention.


On Fiverr, one of the avenues from which you can get orders will be from the gigs and gig descriptions in your profile.

The gig description explains all the features you offer in your gig. Write down how unique your service is and why buyers should hire you. Mention your strengths to convince buyers to see you as the right person for their job.

How you craft your Gig title and description can put you ahead of other sellers in your category. Majority of the buyers will check out your gig descriptions before placing an order.

Whatever you do, strive to be extraordinary, concise and precise in your gig description. Many sellers make grammatical or spelling errors, which signifies carelessness and unprofessionalism. You need to create an outstanding gig and gig description to attract buyers to your gig and hopefully make an order. An outstanding gig is one with clear intent, providing a concise description content on offer at an attractive price.

One of the best strategies you can use to improve your chances of being noticed, hired and making the sale is by creating an SEO friendly title and description for your Gigs. An SEO friendly title and description simply means making sure the keywords people type when searching for sellers in your category appear in your Gig title and description.

Gig descriptions are more than descriptions presenting details about your service; your gig will be optimized to rank in Fiverr’s search results.

The ideal way to craft a compelling gig description is to check out the gig description of the bestsellers of the service or skill you want to offer on Fiverr. Go through and study the gig descriptions of some of these high performing gigs selling the same skills and services as you and see which words appear more often across their gig descriptions.

These sellers are not working together, but an analysis on their individual gig descriptions will show that they all have something in common.

There is a reason for that. Format the entire description, use their description as a point of reference and create your Gig title and description. Do not copy their descriptions because it could give you some problems. 

You must ensure that you are offering the right number of services and gig extras to make your product look interesting to potential buyers. Having an outstanding comprehensive description will help buyers clearly understand what you offer and will be compelled to order.


Add images and a video that resonate with the gig you are offering. Create a video to promote your Gig and include eye-catching images as the main gig image.

The main gig image must reinforce the service you are offering, and should be professional and high quality. You can also show a work sample per image.

The gig images and video of yourself is the buyer’s first impression and so it is very crucial you can make it eye-catching and professional. The video of yourself introduces you to the buyers and connects you both rather than just going through and reading your gig description and it also convinces them more.

The Gig video doesn’t have to be a high production video, just film yourself in a nice background, looking professional and clearly expressing the value of working with you.

In fact, research by Fiverr shows that adding a personal video can increase your orders by over 200%. If you take your gig images and video as a big deal, your chances of getting an order quickly increases. But unfortunately some of the sellers do not pay more attention to their gig images or videos.

Having professional gig images and a video of yourself is important to show that you are a serious seller who is experienced in the skill or service you offer.

Some sellers make the mistake of using pictures and videos stolen from other sellers, which results in the Ban of their Fiverr account. Make sure you create your own gig images and a video of yourself. You should use images that show who you are and what you offer.

Make sure to come up with eye-catching gig images. You can as well hire a professional graphic designer to design your gig images.


You must be very strategic and patient in the early stages on Fiverr when it comes to pricing your services. This is one of the best tips you can get to secure your first Fiverr client fast. You have to sacrifice and under price yourself in your early days of selling on Fiverr.

Without a review history or reputation, you may need to under price your services to attract buyers who are looking to pay less so you can gather some reviews. But over time and with the few reviews and reputation you have built for yourself, you can slowly increase the cost until it matches your skills and quality.

Most freelancers find it hard to get their first order, but many of them are not willing to sacrifice to offer their services at low cost just for a short while in the beginning stages. But, sellers who want to get their first order quickly in any way will take this advantage.

You probably know that there are tons of cheap sellers on Fiverr. So new sellers try to get their first buyer or maybe get their first review, because the review is what you need the most as a new seller. As a new seller, it’s not worth it if you complete and deliver an order and the buyer pays a huge amount for your service but does not leave a positive review.

However, you can get the first order from the first client by under pricing your service or gig. Many buyers come to Fiverr for cheap service, so there is a 99% chance of getting your order at a low price. The lowest price for which you can charge on Fiverr is $5. But if you offer a complex service like app development, it doesn’t make sense to price $5 for your work. So make sure you set a reasonable and cheap price.


Even though you can sit back and wait for buyers to browse your profile and send you messages requesting for your services, you’ll get orders more quickly if you’re proactive about promoting your gigs.

There are millions of sellers on the website and there are millions of other sellers who are also selling the same skills and services you are offering which makes getting orders and more especially your first order quite competitive. So you would have to be intentional about making sure your profile or gig gets the visibility it needs for you to get your first client and order fast.

There are strategies with which you can generate traffic or visibility to your profile and gig. Social networks are one of the best places to promote anything.

So if you are looking to generate traffic to your gigs and attract more eyeballs to your gig with the hope of getting some of them as your first buyers, it is very important that you share your gigs on social networks. It will help you get your first order fast as there are many business owners looking to hire freelancers.

You can promote your gigs on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. You can also join social media groups or forums related to your service or skill on other platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube among others.

There are several strategies to promote your gigs on social media. You can also create a social media business page and post your gigs on the page, then you build an audience and convert them to buyers.


Finally, and most importantly, one of the surest ways to get your first buyer is through buyer request and this is the way most new sellers get their first buyer.

There is a section on the website where you will see buyers leaving requests of what services they need, when they need it and how much their budget is for those services so that interested sellers can get back to them. As a seller, you can review these requests and reply by sending offers directly to these buyers.

The number of buyer requests that show up for every seller is 10 every day and as a new seller who is very much in need of your first buyer, you must do well to exhaust your 10 buyer requests everyday by replying and sending offers to the buyers.

New sellers who do not get results with buyer requests often make mistakes in replying to these buyers. They do not carefully read the request of the buyer and find out what their needs are. You must carefully read and know what the buyer needs and tailor your reply and offer to suit what the buyer needs.

One other mistake some new sellers make with regards to buyer requests is the fact that they have a single drafted offer copy which they send out to reply to every buyer request.

The buyers will always notice and ignore your offer and you will never get a buyer if you continue like this. It won’t cost you much to take your time to carefully read through the buyer’s request and write a better offer tailored to address the particular buyer’s request. It will rather do you much good.

If you are wondering how to come up with a better reply to a buyer request, it is advisable to always address the seller by their name like you already know them like a friend.

Also include your experience as far as the service the buyer is requesting for is concerned. You can as well add a link to your portfolio if you have one for the buyer to go through.

Most often, make sure to state a price a bit under the buyer’s budget. Sometimes, new sellers complain they don’t see any buyer requests on the buyer request tab.

This is normal for most beginners. Always try to reload or refresh the page and always look out for buyer requests.

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After 13 years in digital marketing, I left my job in 2019 to work online full-time. Today I run my own agency, help local companies with digital marketing, freelance on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and share proven marketing and personal branding strategies from my entrepreneurship journey through this blog.