How To Get More Buyer Requests On Fiverr.

Are you a new seller on Fiverr? Are you facing the common problem of new sellers not having buyer requests showing on their buyer request page? Fiverr buyer requests are very important especially for new Fiverr sellers.

Because most often, buyer requests are where most new sellers get their first buyer. Some old Fiverr sellers also get some jobs through buyer requests. So regardless of the fact that you are an old seller or not, buyer requests are very important for your success on Fiverr as a freelancer.

Having as many buyer requests as possible is always the source of happiness for most Fiverr sellers, especially new sellers who are looking to get their first order and get some reviews to build some reputation.

But most Fiverr freelancers, especially the new sellers, complain about the fact that they don’t often see buyer requests and because of that, they struggle to get orders.

In this article, we will be sharing some strategies you can employ to get more buyer requests on Fiverr.


Fiverr is a global marketplace where people from all over the world can join and people become active on Fiverr according to their time zone. Buyers send their requests mostly when they are active within their time zone.

It may seem as though Fiverr has a specific time that they flood the buyer request page with requests from buyers. There is no specific time as to when Fiverr publishes buyer requests. The problem here may be the time difference between a seller and their potential buyers.

You may be active on Fiverr at a particular time and your potential buyers are not active on Fiverr at that same time.

The majority of the people on Fiverr are from the western world and so if you are a seller from Africa, and you are trying to get buyers from the western world, you would probably have to stay online at the time when most of your potential buyers are active online and are going to be sending their requests. However, buyer requests come at every time and you would have to attend to them as you see them.


Once your gig is live and running, it’s important to regularly visit your buyer requests page. You should check and refresh the page frequently. Mostly, buyer requests are published between certain time intervals based on your time zone and the timezone of your potential buyers.

So you need to stay active more often. More often, the published buyer requests posted on Fiverr don’t stay on the page for long. It hardly takes a minute for buyer requests to disappear from your buyer request page.

So, the best way is to be active on Fiverr more often and keep refreshing the page to get more buyer requests. When you refresh your page regularly, you’ll find more buyer requests more often, and you’ll be one of the first sellers to submit an offer for buyers to consider.

This way, your offer to the buyer’s request will appear at the top where buyers can see it. This doesn’t guarantee the buyer will pick you for the job, but it works in many cases.

Some schools of thought have also shared the knowledge that buyer requests on Fiverr are displayed according to your level. If you are a level 1 or level 2 seller, you’ll see more buyer requests as compared to new sellers. This is how the Fiverr algorithm works.

However, this does not mean that new sellers will not get buyer requests. The Fiverr algorithm supports sellers who are often online. New sellers do get buyer requests but they disappear after a short time.

Therefore, you must be active on Fiverr more often and refresh your buyer request page.  To do this, you must install the Fiverr mobile app on your phone in order to be active on the go and keep refreshing the buyer Request page every once in a while. I know it’s tiring, but as a new seller, you need orders and so you have to put in the effort to get an order.


The Fiverr algorithm detects the activities of everyone on the platform and so it’s able to notice how efficiently you respond to buyer requests. If you want to see more buyer requests on Fiverr, you need to respond to as many of the few buyer requests you see as possible.

Responding to buyer requests is important! Seeing more buyer requests on Fiverr is highly dependent on whether you respond to the few ones that appear on your buyer request page. In short, the more you respond to buyer requests, the more buyer requests will be shown on your buyer request page in the future.

As mentioned above, buyer requests don’t stay on the page for long. So the trick here is to respond to them as quickly as possible. But don’t forget to add some catchy points as this can get your buyer’s attention to send you a message and order from you.

Do well to be concise and precise, straight to the point in your responses to the buyer request. Do well to respond to as many buyer requests as possible every day. The more buyer requests you reply to, the more buyer requests you will see in the future. Likewise, improve your response time on Fiverr by responding immediately to buyer’s messages.


Multiple gigs lead to more buyer requests. If you are a multi-talented individual, this trick can benefit you the most. People with more than one skill will definitely benefit from this strategy. They have the ability to provide more than one service on Fiverr and so will create more gigs.

This will automatically increase the number of buyer requests you receive each day. When you have multiple gigs in your profile, your buyer requests automatically increase. You will have many buyer requests to respond to and hopefully more orders that you will need to outsource some of them to other sellers.

Additionally, many sellers new to Fiverr mistakenly choose the wrong category and subcategory for their gigs. This seriously affects your gig as well as your profile and whether you will receive more buyer requests.

When Fiverr analyzes that your gig category does not match other information about your gig, it becomes unable for the algorithm to show you the right buyer requests. So one of the first things new sellers on Fiverr should do is choose the right category and subcategory for their gig.

When you create a gig, Fiverr also offers suggestions for categories related to your services. You can also get help from these suggestions.


Without any arguments, buyer requests is one of the surest techniques for new sellers to get their first order and frequent orders on Fiverr. But why not try other techniques? The goal as a Fiverr freelancer is to keep getting orders more often to keep you earning on Fiverr and there are many strategies to reaching your goal.

It is not advisable to focus on only one strategy and neglect the rest. Apart from buyer requests, promoting your gig is one other strategy to getting orders. You must continue to promote your gigs on and off Fiverr. Thus, on social media, blogs, etc. and seek to convert your promotions into orders.

Here are some tips, tricks, or opinions that can help you get more Buyer Requests showing up on your page.

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