How To Promote A Book On Social Media

Simply writing a book, publishing it and posting on social media is not a good strategy to have orders coming in.

Writers of today are expected to be solopreneurs, they need to handle their writing, proofreading, covers, and promotion.

But why social media?

For these 2 reasons:

  • A lot of attention
  • One of the cheapest options.

If you are looking to self-promote your book social media is the ultimate tool to look up to.

But cutting through the noise of the internet can be hard, as using Facebook could be only useful if you are going for paid ads so here we have listed few ways in which you can try to promote your book better on social media:

1.    Create content around the topic:

Content marketing
Content marketing

One of the best places to begin with, is to talk about the topics your book is about, is it about insights into cardiovascular diseases?

Great, then you can post stats from a recent study on Instagram with properly researched hashtags.

Creating great content around stuff your book and you are about can increase your credibility while promoting your book.

But beware before posting you should learn a little about the platform, as each has a different audience.

Like for example:


Has professional space for personal branding,

What is preferred:

You can share articles, posts, stats, infographics, text posts, etc

What is not preferred:

Memes, funny videos, etc


You love it or hate it, but it is still one of the biggest platforms with a wide userbase.

What is preferred:

Memes, funny videos, news, status updates, etc

What is not preferred:

Big articles, text posts, infographics, etc

Understanding what to post and where will let you come up with a plan to effectively use social media to post content in a preferred way.

2.    Join discussions at Quora space:

Social media is not just for talking about things it is also an excellent tool for listening.

And spaces like Quora etc can let you do exactly that, join spaces you think are a good fit for you.

Listen to their daily insights, opinions, etc, and then respond where you think is needed.

You can also use Quora for answering questions on the web, if you didn’t already know Quora has 300 million active users, so that gives some great opportunities to promote your book.

3.    Show Images:

You would be surprised by the impact a person holding a product has instead of just showing the product.

You may have seen it so many times let that be clothes, watches, headphones, etc those big brands at least include one of the photos showing how to use the product and how it looks on someone’s hand.

So once your book is out, gather some people let that be friends or some followers from your social media and ask them to post photos of them holding your book or reading it and use proper hashtags while posting it.

Hashtags can make it or break it, so you need to see the ones that fit.

After they have posted it you can repost the same on your Facebook stories, IG stories, or even Linkedin Stories.

4.    Post your one free chapter:

This tactic may have been used before social media but by using it today you can quickly let your audience know the context of the book.

And a good preview of an introductory chapter can let your audience get the essence of the book.

It’s a great marketing strategy and quite beneficial, a lot of self-publishing authors have done that.

If you decide to do this, then create an email subscriber list so that they can subscribe to your emails and get the free chapter, and spread the word on social media.

5.    Use medium:

If you are a writer and you are not on the medium you are missing out on a lot.

Quick intro, Medium is a platform where people share their articles also known as stories, it is a friendly platform that is perfect for Storytelling, fan fiction, marketing blogs, informational blogs, insights, and opinions.

Medium is also a friendly space, so you can share your stories like:

  • How you came to writing this book?
  • How long it took you to write the book?
  • Your challenges and personal dilemmas associated with the books
  • How your book can make a difference

The audience on medium is loyal and friendlier than other social media platforms so sharing a good story will attract a lot of eyes.

And bonus your medium stories are even showed up on google results with just a few optimizations.

So what’s not to love about the platform?

Final Thoughts:

Writing a book is no joke, when you have worked hard on your crafts and invested a lot of time your work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

As a writer it is your responsibility to show the world what you have done, so talking about it is a good place to start.

But just remember your job is to not attract everyone just the ones you know who care about your niche.

Happy promoting.

Have you used one of the options before, Let us know below.

Thank you for reading!

About the author

Kwabena Okyire

After 13 years in digital marketing, I left my job in 2019 to work online full-time. Today I run my own agency, help local companies with digital marketing, freelance on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and share proven marketing and personal branding strategies from my entrepreneurship journey through this blog.