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How To Write Good Fiverr Description

Are you wondering how to write an excellent Fiverr Gig Description for your seller account?

Don’t worry! In this article, I will share some ideas of how you are going to write a description that makes your Fiverr profile stand out for people to be rushing you.

Why your gig description matter? 

It’s normal for buyers to understand what they will get from you. They always want to be sure about who they are trusting their hard-earned money with. Before a buyer places an order, he would have to check whether you meet their needs or not, from your gig pricing to the Gig picture and to the description. Make sure you do each of them professionally to showcase what you can do, and if you are worth it, they will order from you. Now let’s look at what to look up to before you create your gig description.

Tips for writing an excellent Fiverr gig description.

Here are some great ways to by when writing your description.

Note: Please don’t copy any gig’s description and use it as yours. This is something that wouldn’t be a good start for you. Try to look professional. 

Use Simple Language.

Most buyers on Fiverr happens to be non-native English speakers, so try as much to use simple language. Such people find it hard to read big terms and complex English. And you know what that means; you are just driving them away. Try to avoid spelling mistakes and use proper grammar and sentence structure. To be sure about what you are doing, you can read your description twice to see if it is making meaning before you publish it.

The message should be compelling. 

Make sure to write to keep the message flowing, so buyers don’t skip reading what you are offering them. Your message should have coherence in it. If you can’t do this, you can hire an excellent copywriter to do this for you if you are serious about what you want.

Talk about your experience. 

Do you have any experience with what you offer? Please write it down in your gig! It is vital to mention all the essential services you can provide them in a single gig. Write only about the experiences that are related to the services you are offering, not just anything.

Let’s look at an example of how it should look like.

Below are some of the tools I have mastered myself with: 

  • Divi builder
  • Publisher theme
  • Clickfunnels
  • Oxygen Builder
  • Happy forms

This is precisely how it should like or even better.

Focus on their satisfaction 

Here you only talk about things that make you so unique that they wouldn’t get from other buyers.

  • How quick you can deliver the work?
  • Do they get any revisions if they don’t like what you are giving them?
  • If they don’t like the work, can they ask for a refund?
  • Is there any unexpected extra they will get?

You can answer questions like these in your gig description or even offer more persuading stuff that comes to mind.

Let them know you care about them, as this is an important principle that drives sales.

Include Keywords in your description.

This is the most important of it all. You should be able to optimize your description with keywords while writing everything correctly. By doing this, your gig can be shown on the homepage. But one thing you should avoid here is trying to use one keyword multiple times. You can try to use related keywords to make meaningful sentences rather than over optimizing the description with only one phrase. Fiverr is going to reject that.

Let them know how they should order. 

You can ask buyers here to contact you before they order. Let them have the chance to see samples before they order to clear doubts if they have any confusion. You can also give them the opportunity to get a custom order if their requirement is not in the gig.

Remember to complete this task; it shouldn’t be seen as just a regular blog post; this is complete research work, that’s what a lot of top-rated freelancers are doing so follow this method.

So that’s all you need to know for now. If you have any more questions regarding your gig description, don’t hesitate, feel free to leave a comment below, and I would love to help you out. Good Luck, go get your orders flowing.

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