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From the desk of XirCobby

Accra Ghana,Jan 01, 2024

Hello My Friend

My name is Kwabena Okyire Appianing. My students call me XirCobby. I live on the internet, and i have been doing so since 2011, when i made my first $3 from my blog

When it comes to making money online, I’ve tried pretty much everything there is to try.

❌ I tried doing surveys, but that didn’t work.
❌ I tried being a freelancer, and I am hating it.
❌ I tried e-commerce, and that worked for a while.
❌ I tried forex trading, I lost all my money
❌ I tried Blogging, but it really Now picking up since 2004.

But the one thing that has allowed me to earn money in a consistent manner that I understand, enjoy, and believe is worth my effort has always been building simple SUPER Moneysites that go on to earn passive income for years after building them.

What is a Moneysite ?

A moneysite is a simple website that promotes product from Big eCommerce Websites. These sites promote specific products so you get paid whenever someone buys the products using your promotion links.

Unlike regular blogs or sites, Moneysites does not require everyday posting of political and entertainment news, celebrity or gossip articles.

( I will tell you more soon)

You get paid as soon as someone buys with your link and when done properly, you can earn money every day since people buy products every day.

This can all happen while you sleep or work your active day 8am to 5pm job


Earnings from website [January to June 2021]

Of course, this too comes with its own set of challenges, but I’m glad to say; I’ve finally figured out what works. 

If owning simple websites (that make money) is something you’d like to have,  I’m going to share with you everything you need to know to get started.

I know you might not know the feeling of waking up to money

So let me introduce you to Sedudzi, he earned his first $0.60 in 72 hours after attending one of my webinars, he actually applied what i taught that day very well .

$0.60 is nothing to write home about but you get the feeling of waking to money every morning? Check the time he sent me that WhatsApp Message 5:03am



One thing you should know is: this is not a way to get rich quickly (unfortunately).

Building moneysites that earn passively does take quite a bit of effort; however, as you’ll also soon see, the benefits, results, and the ROI on the time are well worth the effort.
If you’d like to see how I do it, allow me to show you exactly:

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Amazon Affiliate Income

Do You even need a Moneysite?

You need a money site if you belong to any of these categories of people: 

my affiliate income

Most people think ‘making money with a website is hard” but it’s really not.

Over the years, I have seen bloggers and website owners struggle to 

All because they want to generate massive traffic so they can make money from website views and clicks.

Mostly that’s how bloggers earn

Once they have enough traffic, then they can monetize their website with Adsense or manually sell banner ad spaces on the site to companies.

The problem with this is that 

But Traffic Generation is very difficult and expensive if you are not writing articles on

If not, your website or blog  will likely not earn anymore 

Enter Small Niche Sites

In my biased opinion, building passive-income Moneysites is probably the best way for anyone anywhere in the world to start making money on the internet.

Eventually, you can also sell your MoneySite for a lump sum. The going rate for websites such as the ones I build is 30x to 50X the monthly revenue.

This means if by month 12 your website is making $500 a month, you can comfortably sell it for ~$20,000.

Amazon Store Earnings
One year Old Moneysite generated over $60k in just 12 months , Imagine you have 5 moneysites ?


I  am committed to helping you create, manage and rank your money sites on Search Engines for profitable low-competition keywords through original SEO content writing, great design, day-to-day maintenance and security updates.

My  working process is as follows:

Niche, Keyword and Domain Research

If you decide to let me build your Moneysite, i shall do deep research about the best niches available now, You will get a super profitable low-competition niche . Then, i shall research the right domain for your new money site.

Website Development & Management

At this stage, i focus on creating a modern and user-friendly website that includes proper text formatting, SEO setup, premium themes and plugins. I connect all analytics tools to your site. Most importantly, i will manage your website so you only focus on seeing the money and not the stress of keeping the website live and free from hackers

SEO Content Writing

I have a strong team of content writers who put together well-researched and Search Engine optimized content for your money site. These contents are written by humans and are unique from all other content on the internet. Our writers are highly experienced and always provide the best quality of work.

All-Round Optimizations

After publishing the SEO contents on your website, I will  then set to optimize your site completely for conversions and for better user experiences. I’ll craft your headlines, edit your texts, ensure on-page Search Engine Optimization and format your content to fit international standards and best practices. 

Finally, the main goal for your website is to convert every single visitor who lands on the site so they can buy the product. So, I’ll pay detailed attention to optimizing your site using 360 conversion optimization tactics to convert every single person who visits the site. This usually improves your income by up to 200%.

Handing Over

Once your site is fully set and ready to start making money, I can hand over all details to you. But you don’t have to worry about the next steps. Usually, you only have to keep monitoring the site for sales and perform a few tasks. However, I’ve got you covered. I shall provide you with guides and systems for doing every single thing that you need to do on your site and even see it starts making money

So in the nutshell, you really don’t have to sweat it

Continuous Support and Growth Hack

Once a customer, always a customer! Yes, you read that right! After handing over the site to you, our work isn’t done yet. I’ll provide you with regular support when the need arises. Also, I update you on the latest trends and what you need to run your business. 

If you think you can’t handle everything by yourself, I can also opt to continue managing your site for as long as you want! 

The best part? You get the chance to become my partner in the future too!

My suggestion would be to get started building your MoneySite – TODAY.

6-12 months will pass anyway so if that’s what’s holding you back, understand time will pass anyway.

A year from today, you will either have a passive-income Moneysite earning you $1000+ a month – or nothing at all.

While the formula for building MoneySite is exactly like I’ve described above, there’s more to it than that.

Knowing what to do is one thing,

knowing how to do it is another.

This is why I recommend The Super MoneySite Bundle

Here’s what I will do for you in
  The Super MoneySite Bundle


I must confess that even though this business generates thousands of dollars for my clients, it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is just a business like any other that requires commitment and growth to yield fruits. 

So i cant do this for everyone but only a few and in the next days

This is not some cheap scarcity tactic. Being a service, I can only take on a limited number of sites per month. You can always check if i am available and take a look at plans and pricing by hitting this big red button below.

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Everything in the

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