How to Start an Online Business in Ghana [100+ Ideas Include]

I am very sure that you might have thought about starting an online business at some point in your life. Did  you question what your online business will be about , how you will start and even grow it?

Why an online business in Ghana?

Online Business in Ghana







I do not want to think , money is the only reason why we start online businesses, for me i did not start my online business solely because of money, or because i read severally how to make money online.


My main reason was to start an online business business that could let me work anytime of the day,(my sleep is important to me ) work from home , work from anywhere, and earn money online to provide some level of financial stability and freedom for myself and my family.


When you Google How to start an online business , you will find many results, trust me there are lots of information on how to start an online but the right and honest information is really hard to find.


It’s almost looking like the real truth in starting and running a successful online business is hidden from most of us. In this article , i will expose if not all the secrets in starting an online business, at least the ones that i have tried tried and failed and give reason why i failed , the ones i have made a few $$$ from .


Of course, I would not advise anyone to venture into just any business without counting the costs and weighing the pros and cons.  I want you to know that there is no overnight success strategy in existence, many People preach how to make money online fast, that can work to some extent , but to start an online business that makes recurring income for you, you will need some patience to research, set and manage


Researching the Type of online business that suits you: I always recommend aspiring online entrepreneurs to take time to research the right type of online business they want to venture into, fact is if blogging will work for me and make me some $$$ every month, it might not work for you, or if i have the luxury of time to run live coaching online or a mentorship program online , that might not work for. So research what will work for you according to your strength and interest


Setup your Online Business , either by yourself , or hiring a consultant like me to help you, in most of the equation, most online entrepreneurs learn how to set up their own online business. Now that’s what i recommend , because learning and setting up your own online business, will help you grasp all the nitty-gritty you need to have.


Managing your Online Business should be fun if you are doing the right type of online business, this so so because, when you check your analytics and you see where the traffic is coming from, what products are been bought , what is working and what is not working and you have a deep understanding of what to do next , you will always go to bed smiling


so be patient enough to nurture your online business and watch it grow. This is one thing you must always keep in mind.I have seen many online businesses fail, owing to some challenging factors. If you are better equipped to face these challenges, you will be able to tackle them head-on.


This article provides an in-depth guide on what is involved in setting up an online business and how to counter challenges that may come your way. It will also give you over 100+ online business ideas to get you started.


What is an online business?


Simply put, an online business is referred to as a business activity that is carried out over the internet. When commercial transactions or any kind of business is carried out by a business owner on the internet, it is referred to as an online business. This business involves products and services exchange among individuals, groups of individuals or businesses and organizations.


Check out the wikipedia explanation of what is an online business


I think that just anyone can start a business online and begin selling their unique products and services. Have you ever wondered how you can start an online business? It is quite easy. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines I have set out in this article.


For you to have success starting an online business, it is necessary to decide on what niche you want  to create your online business on. What you need to know is there are several niches you can create an online business on. I will list some of them in this article for you to make a choice.


After deciding on your niche, then you have to of course create a website, your website will be your office literally, if you start an online shop, you will have to create a website where you will list your inventory for sale etc.


I have created an easy to use guide on how to create a website with wordpress.


Finding the right Product to Sell or services to offer is what you should think of after deciding what niche you want to specialize in, this however becomes easy if you have done a good work on the niche research. For example if  a niche research will help you decide what niche would be most profitable for you. It will then narrow down to what products you would need for such niche.

Every successful site needs traffic that would convert to sales. Your revenue will increase and you would be successful.


An online business can be set up from the comfort of your home, with your own skill set and experience and this makes it profitable because there is little or no investment needed to kick start your online business. An online business can be created through a website, a blog, and online marketplaces.

As with every other offline business, online businesses have their advantages and their setbacks which I can personally relate to. This should be considered when making a decision to begin your online career.


Advantages of Online Business:

  •    It is cost effective since rent or staffing is not required for you to begin. In an offline business, you would need to rent office space, recruit staff, buy furniture and other requirements. The online business is not like that since you won\’t need an office space. You can work from home and earn online.


  •    You would be able to deliver products and services more efficiently with great flexibility. An online business can be done anytime and anywhere, whether at home or elsewhere. All you need is just a phone or laptop and an internet connection.


  •    You would have unlimited access to customers or clients worldwide. Statistics have shown that there are millions of internet users globally. People use Google and other social media platforms to search for products every day. You can reach as many users as you want.


Disadvantages of an Online Business:

  • Lack of technical know-how can be a huge drawback if you are not familiar with all the necessary skills. If you face this challenge, you can seek my help and get step by step guidance. I offer consulting services and would be willing to assist you with all you need to know about running an online business.
  • Cost of acquiring the required software or hardware can be high. Even at that, I would only recommend that you use software and products that I have used. You can also get discounts on those software and products if you use my affiliate link.


Before starting your journey on running an online business, you need to have a defined set of products and services you plan on offering to people. You also need to take into account revenue sources, that is, how to generate revenue from your online business. When I was just starting out, I remembered asking myself what problems people faced and how I can provide a solution to that. What audience you plan on targeting, how to promote your business online, and what marketing strategies you should implement are questions you should also consider.


Online transactions are an important process in running an online business. Choosing the right web payment service is also important to ensure smooth transactions on your site. You also need to decide which eCommerce platform is appropriate for your business.


An online business is very much similar to an offline business. Much effort is put in an offline business and this same effort is required in an online business. Both of them require:

  •    Having a product to sell or service to provide
  •    Having a sales platform
  •    Providing your contact information
  •    A registered domain name for the business
  •    Provision of customer support

Key Factors to consider about Online Business in Ghana:

  •    You should regard an online business as a real business and treat it the same way an offline business is treated.
  •    An online business is not a get rich quick business and you should never view it as such. It requires much hard work to make it a success. So be patient and let your business grow gradually. It might take a few months to about a year or more, depending on how much effort you put into it.
  •    To achieve great success running an online business, it is important that you master all necessary skills and business technologies required to run the business effectively. You can take online courses, get a mentor like me or buy an eBook to learn before starting.
  •    Be consistent and hardworking and your efforts will pay off. Your business will grow and your revenue will skyrocket.


What you need to start an Online Business in Ghana

Statistics have shown that the number of people who shop online have grown over the years. This is because shopping online is more convenient, easier and faster.

If you are looking toward starting an online business, I have written this guide just for you. It will help you get started on what you need to succeed. Starting your online business is not going to be a hard process. I have been there and I know it is quite easy, especially if you follow all the steps I have outlined in this guide.

Online shopping and buying happens largely aywhere , online shoppers simply find it conveneient to shop on their phones according to a  recent report on the shopping behaviour of  internet users worldwide . Smartphones are the favorites, when it comes to online shopping. 48% shoppers said that smartphone shopping expeirnece is maturing and has an easy shopping form factor.


What is your Business Idea ?

There is no accomplishment that doesn’t begin with an idea. If starting an online business is a venture you are interested in, you might have already thought about a business idea to start with, no matter how vague that idea may be. Now that is a good starting point.


Your business idea has to be unique and stand out from other businesses. Expanding your knowledge of the industry you would be venturing into is also another important thing. Can you pitch your online business idea to a stranger on an elevator ride?



One way to know that your online business idea is a solid one is when you are able to describe it in just a few words or in less time. When you are still planning on what to do, don’t shy away from making modifications to your business idea if necessary. Allow yourself to think creatively and give room for flexibility. Starting with a solid business idea will help you in creating an effective business plan.



Make a Business Plan

Having a business plan for your business is vital for many reasons. First of all, it ensures business success. Any business without a plan will fail. A business plan is just like the foundation of a house. Without a plan, you would lose track of where your business is headed or what actions you should take to boost the growth of that business. A business plan is a necessary requirement since investors would need it if you are pitching your idea to them.


What Is The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Of Your Business?

Every good business has a unique selling proposition. You may have come up with an idea of a good USP when considering your business idea. Your USP must be able to set you apart from your competition and so it must be solid. What should you consider to ensure you have a USP that will be successful?



You have to be better than your competition or at least different. What sets you apart from competitors in your industry is how unique your selling proposition is. Your unique selling proposition needs to guide your business in all aspects, from daily operations to the implementation of marketing strategies.  Your USP should make your business appealing or attractive to your target audience.


Do not lose consistency or credibility. Once you lose your unique selling proposition, it could have a negative effect on your customers. You might even end up losing those customers you have tried to gain.


Choosing an Appropriate Name for Your Business

In general, a good business name will describe what products a business offers, what services it provides or include the USP of that business. It is common to also find businesses whose business name is based on the name of the founder or owner of the business. This is one method you can try in choosing an appropriate business name but there are no rules that require you to follow that method. You can always think of something else that would be suitable.


I would not advise you to just settle on one business name idea as it is inappropriate. It is good practice to brainstorm on several ideas and pick a particular name afterward. Why? It is very much possible that the idea you have in mind might be the registered name of another business. Read my guide on how to choose a good name for your online business


Even if it isn’t so, there might be a website online that is already named by that your business name idea. Nonetheless, it is beneficial if your business name is unique. To make this happen, create a list of potential business name ideas for your business and once you come up with a really good name, register a website domain name.


Have a Logo Designed For Your Business

Having a logo designed for your business is essential. For an online business that is just starting out, the cost of hiring a professional logo designer can he high. Luckily, you don\’t need the services of a professional logo designer if you cannot afford it.


There are online sites such as ‘Canva’ and that can provide free access to logo design tools to help you get started. Before deciding on the perfect logo design, get feedback from people you trust to give constructive criticism.


You can likewise you can request a professional logo design and complete branding from fiverr.When it comes to log design and branding , don’t play with it, once you get it right from the beginning, you can be rest assured to use it for the next 10 years, i always advice people to spend between $100 – $500 for professional logo design   on  fiverr, but if you afford , you can get $5 – $50 all from fiverr


Establish Your Identity

  • What do you want people to know you for?
  • What products or services do you want to provide?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What does your business stand for?
  • Carefully consider these questions.

Build Your Website

Having an online store to showcase your products and services is necessary for building your online presence. This is where you would direct your target audience to so they can make product purchases or request services. Here, you can set up a payment system so your clients can pay for the services you provide.


Depending on the kind of online business you decide to go into, you will need a website that suits the business type. For Example when you decide to start an ecommerce business, you will definitely need a webstore to sell your goods.


You can build a decent ecommerce website with shopify or woocommerce, be mindful of your budget as you decide to build an online store.


Shopify has a beautiful interface , easy to use with good apps and plugins that can easily help you scale your daily sales, check analytics, track visitors who abandon their  cart etc


Personally i use shopify for my dropshipping business, though i pay $29 monthly i believe it is a good option for me , because everything is automated.


Comparing Shopify though to Woocomerce will be a difficult one , Woocommerce on the other hand is a free plugin to can easily add to wordpress and boom your online store will be live , so imagine you secure a one time VPS web hosting account , you will can set up multiple sites on that same account and no need to pay extra for your webstore as you will do with shopify .


I have an easy to set up approach on how to build a website with wordpress, and a comprehensive comparison of all the ecommerce platforms

You know what , ecommerce is just one option of an online business, as we progress on ,  i will share with you many online business ideas you can align with and fall in love with


  •         Register A Nomain Name:

You would need to register a domain name on a domain registrar. Most times, a domain name can be your business name. (a web address like


Whatever name you choose, make sure it’s easy to remember and would properly represent your brand. I would recommend Namesilo as a domain registrar where you can register your domain name.

I have been using namesilo since 2013 and i have over 100 domains in my account, the great thing about namesilo is that they provide free SSL , Free Whois Privacy and guess the domains are are only $6.99 for life, unlike other domain registrars like Godaddy where you buy a $1 domain today and end up paying $15 for the rest of the domain life, at namesilo is just $6.99 for life. How sweet.


  •         Get an Affordable Web Hosting

You would need to purchase a hosting service  for your domain or online business. A hosting account is a service that connects your site to the internet, In order to store your images, content and website files, you are going to need a web hosting.


Without web hosting, your website will not be visible on the Internet. You can opt for cheaper web hosting service since it\’s a fressh online business idea you want to start.  If you are looking for a good domain hosting company to try out, I would personally recommend Bluehost.


It is a domain hosting company I have tried and would give full credits. For just $3.95/month, you will get a decent hosting service without worries to kickstart your business. Read my guide on how to choose a good hosting company for your online business

Creating a website is a very easy task and doesn’t require so much effort. You can choose to employ the services of a website designer or do it yourself with wordpress Remember that your site has to be visually appealing and capture people’s interest. I will suggest you visit other websites in your field for ideas on how you can create an appealing site.


How to Start an Online Business

I want you to remember that successful businesses today did not just become successful out of the blues. They followed a certain pattern on how to run the business to achieve success. To achieve the same result, you have to follow these steps when starting a business online.


  1.    Finding a problem and providing a solution
  2.    Write an effective sales copy for your business
  3.    Maximize usage of search engines to drive unlimited traffic to your store
  4.    Build a reputation of being an expert in your field
  5.    Use email marketing to follow up with your clients.
  6.    Use back-end sales to increase your revenue.


These six points i have mentioned are very important steps to follow especially if you are just starting out. These points can also be helpful even if your online business has already been in existence for a while. You will learn how to implement these strategies that have helped hundreds of online businesses..I will fully explain each of the highlighted points in the following subheadings so you can fully understand what each step entails.


Step 1: Finding a Problem and Providing a Solution.

Do not make the common mistake that people make when setting up an online business. First of all, you have to find a suitable market before considering what product to sell. The purpose of this is to discover a market of people who are looking to find a solution to a particular problem but with little or no answers. In recent times, you can easily conduct market research for this purpose with the aid of the internet. You can do this by,

  •    Conducting keyword research in order to know what keywords people are searching for on the internet. Make sure these keywords are low competition keywords.I use Ahrefs for my keyword research to know what people are searching for , you can try with Google Keyword Planner because is a paid tool though you can use it for 14 days free


  •    Searching online forums to know what problems people are looking for a solution to and what questions they are asking. You can start by visiting quora to know what questions are being asked and to see how you can provide a solution that is tailored to people’s needs.


  •    Visit the sites of potential competitors so that you can see how well they are able to fill the need of their customers. Doing this will give you an idea of what services you can provide better and how to be able to effectively attend to the needs of customers. You should always try to beat competition by being better.


After making such research, you can then decide what product or services will be suitable for such an existing market and how you can perform better than your competition.


Step 2: Write an Effective Sales Copy.

I am certain that you don’t want to go through a hard process convincing a customer to purchase a product. With the help of an effective sales copy, this issue can be properly addressed. Here is an effective copy formula:


  1.    Use a Convincing Headline to Build up Enthusiasm,

If you do not know how to do this like myself , head on to fiverr, upwork or freelancer to get a good copywriter to do this for you. Headlines that are able to convince people is the key to increasing sales. Let your sales copy be able to attract people to what you\’re offering.


  1.   Explain the Solution your Product Provides to a Problem

People want to know that they can get a solution to their problem by purchasing your products. Explain to them in details what they should expect from using your products. The aim is to present your products in such a way that people will see the need to purchase it if they want to solve their problem.


  1.    Make known your Reliability as the Problem Solver

Establish an online reputation as a credible and reliable source of someone who people can rely on to solve their problem. When people buy things online, they want to be sure that they are buying from a trusted source. So build up a reputation of someone that can be trusted and people will want to buy from you.


  1.    Add Reviews from Individuals who have benefited from using your Product

People want to be sure that your product have good reviews from others who have used it so that they can be fully convinced to make a purchase. You can publish personal reviews on your site made by people who have used your products before. If you\’re just starting out, you can send free sample products for people to try and drop you a review.


  1.    Explain to the client how using your product can be beneficial to them
  2.    Provide an offer
  3.    Provide solid assurance.
  4.   Create a sense of urgency
  5.   Request for the sale


Your sales copy should indicate how well your product is able to offer a unique solution to problems facing your target market and how they would greatly benefit.



Step 3: Maximize the usage of search engines to drive unlimited traffic to your website.

I have gained years of experience in digital marketing and I can give you some advice there. You should maximize the usage of search engine to reach your targeted audience. One of the best and easiest ways to gain traffic is to use Pay-per-click advertising and organic SEO strategies. Paid advertisement is one of the means of advertising that is a suitable way for new sites to get web visitors.


This is because waiting to get organic traffic on your site is going to take a while. One of the advantages of PPC advertising is that your site shows up on search engines immediately you set up an ad campaign but you will spend per each keyword that your audience clicks on.


Another advantage of this PPC advertising is that you can experiment with several keywords, prices, headlines as well as different selling approaches. You can also discover which keywords have high conversion rates and can give you traffic immediately.

For you to rank higher on Google’s first page and get organic traffic, use these high converting keywords effectively throughout your entire site and watch the results.

Make sure you appear or rank in Google for the keywords that relates to your business, The importance of being ranked on the Google search engine is something we all know about. Today, the total global search engine market share of Google is between 70% and 90%, and this isn’t going to decline anytime soon.


However, getting noticed in the search engine results pages (SERPS) includes far more than just aiming for a top spot in regular results and working on your search engine optimization.



Step 4: Build a Reputation for being an Expert in your field.

You will agree with me that the internet is one place that people visit to look for information. Visit online sites like Quora for example. Use the search bar and type in keywords relating to the services you provide. Find what questions people are seeking answers to and provide those answers for them. Include a link to your site after providing such information. The results? You will have higher search engine rankings and lots of site traffic.


How to do this

  •    You should provide expert advice for free. Write articles or make videos that will be helpful to people. Make such content available in article directories, online forums, or even social media pages. You can also create a blog section on your website were you post articles written by you.


  •    On your site content, include a ‘share’ link that will encourage people to share your articles with their friends via email or social media pages. This will help to boost your social signals. Not only would it help in boosting your social signals, it will also help you reach a larger audience and the more the readers, the more the traffic and revenue.


  •    Discover where to find your target audience whether on social networks or online forums. Provide expert advice and be active on that platform. Your target audience could be in a specific geographic location, speak a particular language, be in a specific age group or agender. No matter who your target audience is, make sure you\’re reaching them through the right platform.

In no time, you will be able to excel in your market and gain more site visitors. You can also get site mentions or a link back to your site when other websites publish your content. This will provide the boost needed to increase your search engine rankings.


Step 5: Use email marketing to follow up with your clients.

Create an opt-in list with a catchy offer. Provide an offer to get free advice on how to use your product or what benefits your service offers and you would have people give you their email addresses for free. When I first started my website, I had to create that kind of hook to get people to subscribe to my mailing list.


Email marketing is most trusted form of communication with 77% of consumers choosing email over other online channels. There have been claims that email marketing may be on its last breath yet 80% of marketers report email as the strongest performing media buy (ahead of search engine marketing and display marketing)


Email marketing is a valuable asset as it would benefit your business greatly. Email marketing is one of the secrets of successful businesses. When subscribers give you permission to email them, you have a chance to market your products and services more effectively.

Email marketing is efficient because:

  •    You give customers what they ask for.
  •    Your business relationship with your clients is strengthened.
  •    You will gain more traffic when a user clicks on the link to your site’s content included in the email.
  •    It is a cheaper alternative to reaching your audience when compared to utilizing printed publications or even mass media.

There are several email marketing software like sendlane , ConvertKit that can provide you with email marketing services. Email subscribers are hot leads. Endeavor to follow up every email subscriber and keep them hooked with regular content.


Step 6: Use back-end sales to increase revenue.

Make sure you follow up with every customer after their first purchase from your site. This is one important marketing strategy that you should not ignore. For most startups, it is harder to close that first sale, but using back-end selling will encourage your customers to make another purchase and increase your revenue.

You can do this by:

  •    Offering products that serve as a complement to the products they purchase.
  •    Offering related products to them after making a purchase. Do this on the “Thank You” page.
  •    Offering loyalty rewards and coupons to customers that they can redeem when they visit your site again.

Marketing strategies may change over time, but the basic principles guiding successful online businesses remain unchanged. For online business startups, follow the guidance provided in this article and watch your business grow and increased revenue. For businesses that have been in existence, have a quick review of how well you are doing in your business and areas you can make improvements.


Examples of  Online Business

No one is an island of his own and as such we can learn from others. I have personally benefited from the stories of successful online entrepreneurs. I have made a list of a few online businesses and the people behind them in order to motivate and inspire you on your journey. I promise that you will learn greatly from their success stories.


The list below includes the stories of several online business entrepreneurs that I have followed over the years. If you are planning on starting an online business, you can learn a thing or two from their experiences and the challenges they faced when starting their own business. Reading their stories should motivate you further to start your own online business.


  1. Andrew Price (Blender Guru)


BlenderGuru is a successful online business that teaches artists how to use Blender software to create good artworks. This online business was founded by Andrew Price. He is a young entrepreneur of 28 years of age. He recalls how he had begun learning to use the Blender software in 2004, first starting as a hobby but now, he creates helpful tutorials for his YouTube subscribers.


He kick-started his career by creating an online website,, where he made tutorial videos for his audience with the aim of getting freelance work alongside. He faced several challenges. After starting his website for a year, he was still unable to get freelance work. He recounts that there were times he wanted to give up.


After attending a conference sometime later, he met people who said they enjoyed watching his tutorials and asked if he would be writing a book. That gave him an idea that changed his online business forever.  He decided to start selling digital products. Soon thereafter he released his first eBook, Wow Factor, and the sales he made from that book was so much that he decided to focus on his website full time and quit his day job. He gets so much job opportunities which he turns down in order to keep making tutorials for his audience.


He generates his revenue from selling digital products such as models, Render setups, scripts and more on his online store. He also generates revenue from his YouTube channel.


  1. Matthew Woodward – Blogger



When I first began my online career, I had visited Matthew Woodward’s site website often to get SEO tips on how to optimize my site for search engines and how to do proper research. Matthew Woodward has been a successful online entrepreneur for years. He specializes in internet marketing and SEO. I must add the fact that he is an award-winning blogger and makes thousand each month


At 13 years old, his online career began when he was writing gaming reviews for NintendoPhiles, a website that existed at that time. Soon thereafter, he started to develop his online skill set even though he had no idea that money can be made on the internet. He worked as an online marketer for big clients in Europe like Motorola, Tesco, Samsung, and more and was very successful at his job. Owing to several factors, he ventured into his own online marketing business.


Over time, he has helped more than 40 websites to rank on Google while developing his skill set. He is passionate about SEO and has spent months experimenting and trying out new ranking methods. He set up his personal blog,, to provide ranking tutorials and advice to blog owners.


If you are looking for a helpful guide on how to rank on Google\’s first page, I would recommend that you visit his website.


  1. Nancy Strauss (Creative Writing Now)

Nancy Strauss is the founder of Creative Writing Now, an online website that serves as a safe space for authors and poets alike. Its main goal is to educate encourage and inspire all those who have a passion for writing. She, along with her team, provides free resources and educative courses for writers on different aspects of writing. They also provide support to writers who are just starting out on their writing journey. They inspire their audience by sharing writing guides, writing ideas and other experiences they have gained over their years of writing.


They primarily offer writing tips – how to write a story, novel, script, poetry and a memoir. They also offer story ideas and publishing advice. They are able to generate revenue on the site by offering paid courses for sale to their audience. This has helped to generate huge revenue. If you are interested in starting an online business as a writer, I would recommend that you visit that site to gain helpful information.


  1. Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud)

Let me introduce you to Harsh Agrawal, an online entrepreneur from India. He likes to refer to himself as a blogging scientist. He teaches people how to start a blog and how to turn their blog into a source of revenue through his website. He is also involved in SEO, WordPress, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.


He had begun his first blog in 2008 and that was purely driven by his passion for learning and sharing his knowledge. He started out with a blogger, a free blogging platform before he eventually moved to WordPress. That was how ShoutMeLoud began. After discovering he could make money online, he started sharing the things he had learned that worked for him.


Now one thing I like about him is the fact that he is very transparent. He likes to share his blogging success and failures for all to see and learn from. At the end of each month, he shares with his audience his progress report. That way, he takes his audience along on his blogging journey so they can benefit greatly from his experience. If you are planning on starting a blog, his blog content will guide you through that process, from starting a blog to generating revenue.


I am very sure that these examples of successful online businesses have greatly inspired and motivated you to start your own online business. Do not shy away from taking the first step. You might wonder, what is the first step? The next subheading will give you business ideas that will get you start.


Types of  Online Business

  • Online Business You Can Start With No Money

The internet is a level ground for everyone. As long as you own a computer or a Smartphone, you can begin making money by starting and promoting your business online. I must tell you that there are no technical knowledge, no programming or web design skills required to begin an online business. Previous experience in business or marketing is not essential. You can work from any location, live by your own rules, set your own work limits and plan your schedule.


Most online businesses require little or no capital for you to begin. So do not be worried about costs when you are just starting out. There are many platforms online that provide free services to potential online business owners. For example, WordPress offers a free domain name for individuals. You can take advantage of this offer and create a free blog. Other trading platforms like Amazon and eBay offer people the opportunity to sell their product on the platform in exchange for a sales commission.


There are other ways to begin an online business with no cost at all. Consider the list of business ideas I have created below.


  1. Drop Shipping

The idea behind the drop shipping business is that you do not have to manufacture or store products for sale in a warehouse. It also means you do not have to handle shipping to customers. I would personally advise you to keep this in mind when deciding what online business to start. This is because, it a stress-free business as it eliminates costs of maintaining an online store, the risk of owning a warehouse stocked with goods you probably will not be able to sell or even the tasking nature of organizing deliveries to clients countrywide or worldwide.


To begin a drop shipping business, I would advise you to look for a good company that allows for drop shipping. Here is how dropshipping works:

  •    You make a product listing on your personal website or on commercial platforms such as eBay or Amazon


  •    Once an order has been placed and purchase had been made, you then buy the product from the drop shipping company you are sourcing the product from at a cheaper price (the drop shipper is either a wholesaler or a manufacturer).


  •    The process ends when the drop shipper delivers the product to the customer.


That process sounds quite easy, right? Drop shipping allows you to offer several products to customers and so you won\’t have to spend so much setting up a drop shipping business. Do you know what\’s also good about this business? There is zero risk because no product purchases are made by you until you close a sale with a customer.


However, as with every business, drop shipping has its drawbacks. You would get all the blame if an order is delivered late or if it doesn’t even reach the customer at all, or if the product has low quality. To avoid these challenges, you have to make sure that the drop shipping company you are using has a good reputation and delivers quality products on time.


You should also keep in mind that this drop shipping business is a highly competitive one and as such, the price margin is low. This means that the difference in wholesale price and the final sale price is low. Even at that, starting the business requires little or no cost so it is still worthwhile.


You can set yourself apart from other competitors in that field by adding a personal label to the products you sell. This way you would have lesser competition and promote your business.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

To an extent, affiliate marketing is quite similar to drop shipping but there are still a few differences between them. I feel affiliate marketing is more convenient than drop shipping because it’s less risky and more convenient. With affiliate marketing, there is no need for a product inventory or even having to trouble yourself with delivering products to customers.


The first thing you would require for this is an online site. I would suggest that you pick an appropriate niche that would be profitable. After getting this done, partner with an affiliate site that provides product in your niche. Amazon, Clickbank, and CJ affiliates are some of these affiliate sites you could partner up with. They don’t only offer physical products; they also have digitals products like e-books, audio/video files, games, and so on available on the site.


These sites provide you with a unique link that can track all successful sales gotten when you offer their products for sale on your site. If a web visitor on your page is interested in such an offer, they click on the link and are then redirected to the affiliate site\’s shopping cart and proceed to checkout to pay for the product. After a successful sale, you will receive a commission which varies depending on the affiliate partner you work with. The commission percentage may also vary depending on the product sold.


This online business can be started with no cost and is also risk-free. The major thing that sets this business apart from drop shipping is that you don’t get involved with the product. You only provide a link of the product on your site and wait for customers to click on it while the rest of the process is taken care of by the merchant. The only thing you get to do is to increase the prospects of getting sales by using email marketing, social media or other methods to market the product.


  1. Blogging

Are you expertly skilled in a particular field or subject? Then you can build an online business and actually make money  by starting a blog. There are free blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress that allows you to create a blog for free.


Running a blog doesn’t mean you only have to posts articles. You can also blog about lots of stuff relating to your niche. Spice up your blog content with images, videos, and links that point to helpful sites.


Wondering what content you should provide to people?


Write an article that will be helpful to your audience. DIY articles, tutorials, news content or even top-10 lists are examples of blog ideas.


Owning a blog can serve as a source of steady income for you.There are several options on how you can make money from your blog, monetizing a blog these is quiet easy to do ..

In what way?


Google AdSense.

Google Adsense is an ad network that pays you to publish ads on your site. When your site qualifies for google ads, you will get an ad code to place on your site. I am pretty sure you are wondering how this works. Well, when users visit your site and click on an ad placement, you make some money. There is no fixed amount of money you can make, but you can boost your earnings if you have enormous traffic. User experience is not compromised because Google would only show ads that relate to your niche. You can further filter ads that show on your site from your Google Adsense dashboard.


Blog ad networks.

Partnering with ad networks like Revcontent or Taboola can help you maximize your earnings. These ad networks provide banner ads that can be placed on your site. It works the same way that Google Adsense does. Once you sign up and you are approved, you would get ad codes that you would embed on your site and get paid when a user clicks on it. Now let me warn you, these ad networks are not suited for new websites. There are certain requirements you have to meet such as a required amount of daily traffic. Try to build up your site a little, and when you gain enough traffic, you can apply.


Affiliate Marketing.

I have already discussed this earlier. You get a commission only if someone clicks on the link to the product that you have embedded on your site. To maximize your earnings and make a sale, you can try to do content advertising. How so? Write an article on a product review and include your affiliate link of that product after the article.

For new blog owners, it can be a little difficult at first to gain site traffic and a blog following. I have written a few tips below that will help you achieve success in blogging.

  • Provide content that will be useful and educating to people. Engage your readers\’ and keep them hooked. The internet is a competitive place and you would likely have lots of competitors in your niche. The key to success is creating unique content that can only be found on your blog. Do not bore your readers with lengthy or ambiguous content. Let your blog be conversational and engaging.



  • Regularly update your blog content. It is important to follow a schedule when posting so that readers can follow up with your posts. You could set a frequency, perhaps once a day or three times each week. Your aim is to keep your readers entertained and make them come back for more. Make it a goal to post new content at least once a week and be consistent with that.


  • Build trust first. You should not try to do shady marketing in order to get money quickly. You have to provide your readers with high-quality content and regularly provide useful advice. One thing I have personally discovered from blogging is that you can\’t make people click on your ads or affiliate links. They have to trust you first and come to appreciate your authenticity and they would be more willing to click on your ads or even purchase products you recommend to them.


Google appreciates sites that provide useful content and will rank your site once it is noticed that you offer relevant content. In no time, your blog contents will rank on Google\’s first page. That is how you market your content. I want you to remember that it can be a bit discouraging when you don’t get traffic at first or even make sales. But also note that you should begin a blog as a passion and when you finally build it into something bigger, you can monetize it.


  1. Vlogging – Making Videos on Youtube for Money

If you love to make videos, I would suggest you begin a vlogging online business. Have you recently seen any YouTube video? I’m sure you have. That is because YouTube is a really popular website with billions of users around the world streaming content. Let me tell you one thing. You can make money online through YouTube. Now all you have to do is create videos for people to watch. The more viewers you get, the higher your revenue. Just imagine what happens when your video goes viral.


The most successful strategy to gain more views is to create engaging content on a regular basis. You need to decide what your niche would be and try to make videos that people would want to watch. It could be a DIY or tutorial video, an educative vlog and so on. If you are not able to decide a good niche at first, you can search YouTube’s most watched content and see if you can get any ideas on videos to create.


I would be explaining how you can actually make money on this platform. The primary thing to do is to create an account and create videos which you upload on the site. After you’ve passed some monetization requirements, you can turn on the monetization feature on the settings tab. Once your monetization is turned on, Google gets the permission to display ads on your video content. If you regularly watch YouTube videos, you will understand what I am talking about. So when an ad is displayed on your video and users click on it, you make money.


If you want to make it big on YouTube, I would suggest that you work hard to build your following. If you have a large number of subscribers, Companies would offer to pay you money to help in promoting their products and services to your audience. This is known as paid sponsorships. If you want to begin making videos, you should not worry about getting professional video equipment. You can choose to get it once you are able to afford it.


Here are tips that would help you create videos that look professional.

  •    Quality

Quality videos appeal to the eye, so do not try to compromise on that. Like I mentioned earlier, you don\’t need expensive pieces of equipment for a start. With just your Smartphone/simple video camera, you can begin making videos. All you have to do is to make sure that the video is clear and you have proper lighting.


  •    Audio clarity

Nobody will enjoy watching your video if there are background noises or other distractions. You also don’t want to use background music that will make it hard for your viewers to hear what you are saying. Simply put, your videos have to be clear and audible.


  •    Editing

Editing is necessary before uploading a video. This is because you can cut out irrelevant clips, add background music, or even add visual effects through editing. There are paid and free editing software like iMovie that is suited for this purpose.


It doesn’t matter whether you want to create funny videos or educational videos or anything else as long as the video is helpful and engaging to viewers. To gain views if you’re just starting out, share your video link on your social platforms and encourage others to do the same.


If you also have a website, you can direct your YouTube traffic there. You can offer people more information on a video by providing such information on your site and creating a link back to your site. The web traffic you will gain will convert to ad clicks or even email subscribers and will double your revenue.


  1.    Freelance Writing

With so many blogs and websites springing up each day, the need for online writers has increased. If you have a passion for writing in a particular niche or diverse niches, you can set up a profile on popular freelancing sites.


Examples of these sites are Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and so on. Start by building your portfolio as a means to showcase your writings. On your profile, you can include your skills and qualifications that make you a good writer.


One tip I would give you is that you should develop good communication and time management skills as you would get projects that would have a specific deadline you have to meet up with. If you are an excellent writer, you will definitely succeed in this online business.


  1.    Social Media Consulting

Are you very passionate about social media? Being an online social media consultant would be perfect for you, especially if you are very creative, love to keep up with social media trends and love writing.


It is not uncommon to note that many business owners today do not understand how important social media is when building a brand. As a social media consultant, you can offer your skills to these business owners and help them create a social media plan or even manage their social accounts. That way, you will be able to work and get paid.


  1.    Web Designing

Web designing is a really hot skill these days. So many people are venturing into online businesses and require a skilled web designer to help design their site. If you have this skill, what is holding you back from exploring an available client base?

You can decide to set up your own website and build a portfolio to showcase what you can do and some examples of your previous works. You can also choose to look for freelancing jobs on freelancing platforms.


  1.    Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is really sought after just like web designing. If you can design brand logos, packages, brochures, infographics, posters, and other materials, you can try out graphic designing. This job requires self-determination.

It also requires that you pay attention to details and caters to every requirement of the employer. You can begin by selling graphic design gigs on Fiverr for example.


  1.    SEO Consulting

There is so much competition online because there are so many websites offering the same content. That is where SEO comes in. Search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of fully optimizing web pages or other forms of content on a website with the sole aim of making it rank on search engines. If you are skilled with SEO optimization, you can serve as an SEO consultant for people who require such a service.


  1.    Business Coaching

I would advise you to try this out if you have a passion for business and is interested in helping people succeed in their businesses. This job also involves teaching people how to manage their time, how to avoid procrastination, how to make good decisions and how to spur their clients to actions. This is not the same as being a business consultant. Consultants only advice people on what to do.


Your job as a business coach will be to train people to do things themselves. To learn more about this, you can read online courses on how to package yourself and the services you offer.



  1.    App Development

App development is a really lucrative online business. There are business organizations that require developers to build apps for them so that they can target mobile users. If you are a programmer with good coding skills, this is an opportunity to begin your own business.


There are many ways to generate revenue. You can choose to create your own app and make money or better still, create apps for those who need it. If you are interested in learning this skill but lack the knowledge, you can visit sites like Udemy or Udacity to find helpful tutorials.


  1.    Virtual Assistant

This is a work from home online business.  There are several individuals who require the services of a virtual assistant to help them out with certain duties. If you are skilled at completing tasks and can manage time effectively, then this job is for you. There are lots of services you can offer like data entry, writing, customer support, internet research, project management, and so on. You can create an account on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and much more.



  1.    Artisan

Are you skilled with your hands? If yes, you can turn your hobby into an online business that you can get paid from. This online business requires you to sell items that you have made with your hands. If you are skilled in knitting, jewelry making, sewing, soap making, and so on, this should be a business opportunity for you. There are so many people today who fancy handmade items and would be willing to pay a price for them. To begin, set up an account on sites like Etsy and begin selling.



  1.    Selling eBooks

If you\’re skilled with creative writing, you can write eBooks and sell on a website as your online business. There are diverse subjects ranging from technology to politics, and business that you can write on for a start. There is an available market for these kinds of materials.



Ebooks are easy to write, especially if you are very familiar with the subject you are writing on. You can begin by writing self-help books or how to books. You can make lots of money from eBook sales even by selling just one eBook to several people. Just make sure that all information contained in the material is always up to date.



  1.    Dating Website

Are you a relationship expert? Are you passionate about helping people find a good partner and build healthy a relationship? Your passion can earn you money. You can have a website that will serve as an online community where people can find dating partners.


You generate revenue by charging membership fees. Another way you can make money is by selling relationship related information like books, DVDs and so on. You can also offer expert advice and professional counseling to couples looking for help in their relationships.



  1.    Selling on eCommerce Stores

There is no limit to the number of things you can sell online. You can sell electronics, flowers, perfume, furniture, computers, and other gadgets online. If you have a retail store, you can market your products online to increase sales.


All you have to do is source ecommerce platforms online and list your products for sale and include a shipping method. Usually, these platforms would charge you a commission from each product you sell. But now withstanding, you can make cool money from this business. Examples are ;



  •  Selling on eBay

eBay is an ecommerce platform where you can sell a wide variety of stuff online. For instance, if you are selling furniture, you can offer it for sale on eBay. All you have to do to begin selling on eBay is to register on the site.


After successful sign-up, you should begin listing your products. Make sure to use quality images to attract buyers. Take caution when dealing with clients. Make sure to follow all rules stated by the platform and you will succeed.


  •   Selling on Amazon



   17. Buy and Sell Domains


Domain buying is the art of buying domains and selling them at a profitable price. This business is fully internet based. It requires you to buy domains that have the potential to sell and sell it to those interested in buying it. It can be a risky job, especially if you buy domains that do not sell. Notwithstanding, this business is very profitable. You can Check platforms like, to look for domains that are available , sounds nice and all

Other people will distinguishe between buying and keeping fresh domains from buying expred domains, Domain flipping is the art of purchasing domains that have been in existence and then working to improve it in a bid to resellor in other words, buy expired domains with potential of growth. If you are skilled in web development, you can try this form of online business and turn it into your source of revenue.



  1.    Hotel Booking

Starting an online hotel booking business would be really profitable in you live in a tourist attracted country. To start this business, you should form a business partnership with hotels around your area.


This is done so that when people visit your website and book hotels, you receive a commission from the hotel based on the agreed percentage. This business is built on trust. You have to build a level of trust with the tourists/visitors and also the management of the hotels you are partnering with.



  1. Sports Betting

Sports betting did not just begin recently. It dates back to ancient times. The only difference now is that it can be carried out online. People can bet on any sport of their interest be it football, horse racing, or even wrestling.


The internet has made it easier to bet. You don\’t have to be present at the sports center to bet on sports activities. You can bet online and there is no distance barrier. If you have a knack for sports and betting, you can create your own online sports betting business and start making money online.


  1.    Translating Services

If you are able to write or speak two or more languages whether they are local or foreign languages, you can offer translation services online. There are so many business opportunities that will get you started. Example of a Translation Online business are Gengo and TranslationBase and one Hour Translation Service

There are website owners looking to provide their web content in other languages. Many book authors and movie producers are in need of translators help them translate their materials into the local language or other foreign languages. You can charge them for translating services. You can also choose to source jobs on freelancing site.



  1.    Transcription Services

Transcription is somewhat related to translation. Transcription involves converting speech to text. If you are skilled with transcribing, you can utilize your skills by starting your own online business.

There are public speakers, teachers and religious preachers who would want to employ the services of transcribers to transcribe their audio or video recordings into books. There are freelance platforms like Elance and oDesk where you can source for transcription jobs. Transcription can be challenging because sometimes it can be difficult to hear what is being said due to so many factors like background noise, accent and so on. You can get transcribing software to make your job easier.




  1.    Online Researcher

If you know how to use the internet expertly to make research and you have so much time at your disposal, then you can become an online researcher. There are people or organizations that require online researchers to assist them due to the busy nature of their work. You will be able to secure yourself an online researching job if you are able to convince potential employers that you are very skilled in that field.




  1.    Ghostwriting

If you are a ghostwriter and you are able to write creatively, you can source ghostwriting jobs online. Due to a busy schedule or other factors, there are people who would love to become authors but don’t have time to write. Your job description includes gathering their thoughts and writing a book for them. You write a book for them and get paid. You would not receive author credit but you will be rewarded for writing it. You can also source for jobs on freelancing platforms.



  1.    Consulting services

If you are an expert in business, relationship, or any other field, you can work as a trained consultant and offer professional advice to your clients. The internet has eliminated the need to physically meet with clients for an advice session. You can offer your services via the internet.  You can use the Skype software or any other video calling platform to live chat your clients irrespective of their location. All you have to do to get started is to enlist your services online and so that people can begin consulting you.



  1.    Running an Online School

The internet is a knowledge base. There is no information that cannot be found on the internet. Lots of technical skills can be learned on the internet. You can even obtain a degree online. If you have a knack for impacting knowledge, you can begin an online school where you teach others. All you have to do is to secure all licenses, permits or accreditations required from your country’s government and you’re all set.



  1.     Flight booking

This business involves booking flights for air travelers in order to make money. To begin this online business, you don\’t necessarily need to get an IATA certification. What you require is a laptop, internet connection, knowledge on flight booking business, and a partnership with a ticketing company that is fully registered and certified. The partnership will allow you to book flights for air travelers for a commission. This can be a source of additional income alongside your regular job.



  1.    Social Media Management

If you skilled with the use of social media platforms and you have a lot of free time, you can begin an online business of social media management for people who live busy lives that would make them unable to manage their personal account. These include politicians, celebrities, government officials, public figures, business executives and so on. To get this kind of job, you must show a level of professionalism and expertise in handling social media pages. If you get hired, you will make cool cash.



  1.    Video Editing

Business owners require the services of video editors to make their videos have a professional look. If you live in a certain part of the world, you don’t have to source local video editors. You can just search for one online and get your job done within a specified time. If you have these video editing skills, you can enlist your services online and get clients that will be willing to pay you for your services.




  1.    Proofreading and editing

This online business is definitely not limited by the distance barrier. It is another online business that allows you to work for clients located anywhere in the world. If you are expertly skilled with editing and proofreading articles or documents, you can start this business. You can begin sourcing jobs on freelancing platforms like Freelancer and PeoplePerHour. There you will find lots of jobs relating to your skill.




  1.    Photography

If you have photography skills and you’re good with photo editing, you can begin an online photography business to generate income. You can set up a website and showcase your photos for sale or list your photos on websites like Shutterstock. People who require such photos will pay you to use them.



  1.    Photo editing

There are online photo editing software that people utilize to edit their photos, but nothing can be compared to photos edited by a professional. Professionals pay attention to details and that is why people utilize their services. If what you’re skilled in doing is photo editing, you can list your services as a photo editor online and get clients worldwide.



  1.    Online bible school

You can choose to run an online bible school if you adhere to Christian teachings and you’re passionate about impacting Christian religious knowledge. There are online bible schools that offer a degree or certificates to Bible students. With the rise of the internet, you don’t have to bother about renting or interior décor, you can fully utilize the internet for imparting knowledge to your audience.



  1.    Online Art Gallery Store

If you operate an art gallery offline, you can increase your revenue by showcasing your artworks online. This will help you reach a larger audience and will help increase your revenue. All you have to do is to get a website, list your artworks and their prices, and set up a shipping method. That way you can make more sales.



  1.    Voiceover Services

If you have a good voice, you could use that as a means to make money online. You can source voice over jobs by searching for them online and applying for those you think you can handle perfectly. You can also register yourself under an advertising agency that will help you find voice over jobs.



  1.    Online Marketing

Online marketing is a means business organizations use to reach out to their target audience. The internet is a cheap source for reaching people. If you are good with online marketing, you can register with a marketing organization and they will assign leads to you that should convert to sales then you would be paid a commission.




  1.    Software Sales

You can begin an online business of selling software, especially if you’re a software developer. You have a large market to start with. There are people and organizations looking for software developers. You can apply for this role and begin making money.



  1.    Online Gaming

There are many game lovers worldwide. There are gamers who like to play games online and are willing to pay money to do so. You can begin an online gaming business to target these gamers. You would need a website where people would visit to play games at a specific rate.



  1.    Business Analyst

A business analyst would be required to perform market and industry analysis, company analysis, synthesis of information gathered through research, and implementation of good business strategies. Most times, signing a non-disclosure agreement would be required if you venture into this business. Nonetheless, it is a very profitable business to try and you could be able to generate good income.



  1.    Skill Acquisition Training

You do not have to meet with people physically to train them on how to acquire certain skills. You can utilize video calling platforms or live chat to teach your students. You can also sell pre-recorded videos or other training manuals online and get paid for that. Distance as a barrier is thus eliminated.



  1.    Transportation

You can help clients to access various means of transportations that they would require. This business would require you to book air tickets, bus tickets or any means of transportation that can be booked online. This is not a tasking job. You can offer such services if you have some free time.



  1.    User Testing

You can begin an online user testing business which entails trying products for free and recording the process. User testing is done with the aim of testing to see if products are user-friendly and if it needs improvement. It can also be used for website or app testing on various devices. Online testers make money from testing things and this is a really good online business.



  1.    Targeted Market Research

As a targeted market researcher, you would be expected to source information on a niche market. What this simply means is that you could research information about customers or geographic locations in a niche market that would be of help to a client. Listing your services online for this kind of job will enable you to source clients.



  1.    Maid Agency

You can set up a maid agency as your online business. What is required for this business is that you partner with maids in different cities and help them list their services online. You can make commissions from this business.



  1.    Online Library

You can start an online library as your online business. Many people are interested in reading online from the comfort of their homes through the use of their Smartphone or other electronic gadgets, so take advantage of this. Online libraries make revenue through membership fees and registration fees. You can begin this type of online business and start generating revenue.



  1.    YouTube Advertising

This job is more suited for those who are into public relations (PR) and advertising. You can start a YouTube advertising agency as your online business. The job description includes searching for trending YouTube videos and helping your client to utilize those videos for products and services advertisement.



  1.    Book/Magazine Club

This is not anything like the online library. A book/ magazine club is a network that attracts people of similar interest. To make money from this business, you can charge a membership fee or fees for registration. The higher the number of book club members, the higher your revenue. There is no limit to the number of people you can admit into the club. To make things more organized, set up some ground rules for your club.



  1.    Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping involves monitoring a company\’s expenditure and making sure that they are in good financial standing. Part of what this job involves is the identification of expenses made, preparing financial statements, processing receipts, invoices and payments, and so on. There is a huge market for bookkeepers and so you can offer your services to clients if you specialize in that field.



  1.    Data Entry

Simply put, it means entering data into different types of document. It also means updating/deleting records, creating new data in a database, entering data into a spreadsheet and so on. You can gather the required skills to begin working in this field. You can look for data entry jobs on freelancer or Upwork.



  1.    File Conversion

This is an easy business to try especially if you have the necessary software to aid you. Most times, clients require a file conversion from one format to another. For example, word document to pdf or vice versa. You can empower yourself with software like Zamzar. You can find jobs on freelancer to get you started.



  1.    Foreign Language Tutorial

You can begin an online business of training people to speak foreign languages. If you are familiar with two or more foreign languages, you can set up an online business. What you need to do is to list your services online and people will contact you for the services you offer. Make sure to prepare all learning materials, for example, flashcards and other soft copy materials to enhance your teaching.



  1.    Formatting

In order to make documents look visually appealing and professional to read, appropriate formatting is necessary. This job involves choosing the right font/font size/font color, using subheadings appropriately, paragraphing, appropriate numbering, and adding quotations and references if necessary and so on.  This job is quite easy and you can try it.



  1.    Online Cooking Classes

If you are a cooking expert familiar with how to cook both local and international dishes, you can set up online classes to teach people how to cook. There are a lot of people that would be willing to register for those classes. You can create a YouTube channel for this purpose or have a website that you can use to market your series. You can sell recipes to people and so much more.



  1.    Social Shopping Market

This kind of online business involves connecting the buyer with the seller. Instead of being offered individual products, multiple products from a seller are being displayed to buyers in an attractive manner in order to maximize sales. A social shopping marketplace will not only connect buyers and seller, but there will also be customer feedback. It is a source of great revenue. If you are looking for inspiration to begin, you can look up other sites in that niche like shopenvy or shopcade.



  1.    Collections Agent

This is a very tasking job and it has several challenges as well. This job would require you to contact clients who have not paid bills, loans, invoices or other outstanding payments that need to be made. You would get in touch with these debtors and discuss how the debts would be collected. You can get a job with a company that requires such services and get paid for that.



  1.    Copywriting

Copywriters are skilled in writing business copy. They are good at writing materials for marketing that are aimed at educating customers, promoting products and services, and so on. A copywriter\’s portfolio should include sales emails, scripts and brochures, product data sheets, web content, and white papers. You can source jobs on freelancer to begin writing.



  1.    Writing Press Release

A press release is a piece of writing that is used to let the public know about the products or services of a company or organization in a way that would appeal to them. People are curious so the press release has to fill that need and provide detailed information. Press releases are also used in media and journalism. If you are good at writing press releases, you can set up a profile on freelancing sites like Upwork.



  1.    Legal Writing

This kind of writing is what is used by legal professionals like lawyers, judges, and legislators. It is used to make up legal analysis, obligations, and rights. It requires that texts must have legal citations or references and must follow a set format and must include technical terms. If you are good with writing legal documents, you can choose to work as a legal writer. Set up a profile on freelancing site to source for jobs.



  1.    Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Many people find it hard to write an effective resume for themselves so they require the services of those skilled in that field to write for them. If you can write professional resumes and cover letters, you can begin sourcing for clients online. One way to do so is to look for such projects on freelancing sites like Upwork or PeoplePerHour.



  1.    Admin Services

This job requires admin services such as writing, filing, scanning, mailing and scheduling things for an organization. It could also involve other office tasks like answering phones, emails, document handling, using Microsoft and other programs. You can find jobs of this nature on freelancing sites like freelancer and Upwork.



  1.    Internet Strategy

This field requires a professional to assist their clients to analyze their strengths and weakness and how to reach their goals. It also involves giving advice to clients on which web-based applications would help them in marketing their products or services and also fostering good communication with their staff and clients. If you are skilled in this area, you can begin this form of online business.



  1.    Lead Conversion/Sales

This online business requires the skills of a product expert who will help to market a company to potential clients. These clients are regarded as leads and part of your job as a product expert would be to find these customers and convert these leads to sales. You would receive a commission based on the number of successful sales you can close.  You can list your services online to get this kind of job.



  1.    Email Marketing

This job requires the services of email marketing consultants. The job description involves creating email campaigns, helping clients access their email marketing and improving communication, advising clients on what to do to improve response rate and what to avoid so emails are not marked as spam. If you are skilled in this field, you can make a list of your services online so you can be hired by potential clients.



  1.    Advertising Consultant

As an advertising consultant, your job involves creating advertising campaigns, pitching new ideas for such campaigns, providing advice to companies on how they can reach different audiences. You can begin this online business and start sourcing for clients if you are experienced in this field.



  1.    Personal Finance Consultant

The job of a personal financial consultant is to manage finances of clients, help them make the right investments, insurance and any other financial decisions such as estate planning, retirement planning, funding a college education, and other investments in general.



  1.    Project Management

Project managers help to manage a client\’s projects. They help to plan projects, help to track the progress of a project, help to deal with problems that may arise, and advise clients on how to complete project goals. Project managers are highly sought after and you can venture into this online business.



  1.    Human Resources Consultant

A human resources consultant is required to help a company employ the best people for job positions and also provide these employees with a good working environment. They also implement talent management programs, give advice on how to create a better working environment and other legal activities regarding employment. There are companies that require these services and you can offer such services if you are specialized in that field.



  1.    Mentoring and Coaching

No matter what field you specialize in, whether business, relationship, career, health, parenting, fitness and nutrition, personal life, finance, education, religion, or psychology, you can become a coach or mentor in that field. You may require some qualifications from a professional coaching institute in some cases.  If you want to be independent, I would recommend this profession for you. To begin, you can have your own website and conduct live coaching/mentoring session through a video calling software like Skype.



  1.    Opinion polls

Online polls and questionnaires that are made online usually cover a wide variety of subjects and could sometimes include an image or video comments. There are several websites that specialize in online polls. These polls are point based and users are rewarded financially depending on the number of points they get. You can start taking online polls and generating your own revenue.



  1.    Focus Groups

Joining focus groups is another way you can make money online. The aim of focus groups is to seek people’s opinions, beliefs or perceptions, with regards to different topics. Focus groups utilize different software for this purpose. You can choose to join focus groups as an online business.



  1.    Keyword Research

Keyword researchers make use of several analytical tools like Google Adwords for example, in order to find keywords that have the potential to rank on Google. Most internet users never make it to the second page so it\’s essential that blog owners are able to find keywords that would rank on Google\’s first page. If you are skilled at finding such keywords, you can source for clients requiring such services and begin making cool cash.



  1.    Topic Research

This involves making investigations so as to know what things would interest people in a particular area. It also involves referencing, sourcing verified information and then presenting it in form of datasheets or documents. If you are skilled in online research, you can venture into this business.



  1.    Genealogical Research

Genealogical researchers help to source information on the family history of a person. If you specialize in this area, you might often get projects to make research of an individual or an entire family tree. There are freelancing sites like Genealogy freelancers where you can set up a profile or create your own website.



  1.    Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis involves the use of statistical tools like Excel to carry out the statistical analysis. Most professional fields require statistical data like regression analysis, panel data, factor analysis, time series, Bayesian analysis, experimental designs and principal component analysis. If this field is what you specialize in, you can source jobs on freelancing platforms or set up your own site and list your services online.



  1.    Web Research

This online business is very tasking and requires time and effort. Part of what you might be required to do is to find detailed information about companies such as contact details, email addresses, list of companies in a certain field, market research, personal data, product listings, potential competitors and so on. If you can do all that is required of a web researcher, you can begin sourcing for jobs online. One way to find jobs is through freelancing websites.



  1.    Creating Surveys/Questionnaires

This is another online business you can try out. This involves giving advice to companies on how they can collect people’s opinions. It also involves some research work. You would need to create questions and formulate survey texts that can be integrated with email marketing software or a website.



  1.    Customer Support

This is a work from home online business. You just need to find a suitable environment that is free from noise so that there is no distraction when communicating with customers. You would require a landline phone and not a cell phone or a voice over internet phone service. Companies that require your services would pay you for that.



  1.    Creating ad listings

Some companies need help with creating ad listings on e-commerce websites or on other websites so as to promote their products. If you can create such, you could venture into this online business. List your services online so that potential clients can find you.



  1.    Rewriting

Web owners sometimes require their web content to be rewritten most times to improve the article. If you have good article rewriting skill, you can set up an account on freelancing websites in order to start finding jobs and get paid.



  1.    Creating Documents

Companies require documents to be created regularly. It could be directories, inventories, contact list, checklists or even emergency contact forms. There are document creation software like Ecrion that you could use to assist you if you want to venture into this business.



  1.    Mailbox management

This job requires a mailbox manager to manage a company\’s email accounts. Most times, the email accounts of such companies are filled with unsolicited emails and may make them miss relevant inquiries. With the assistance of the mailbox manager, such spam emails are deleted and emails from specific people are addressed.



  1.    Architectural services

There are organizations that require the services of architects to help them with architectural drawings. If you are a skilled architect, you can list your services online through your own website or look for jobs on a freelancing platform.



  1.    Engineering services

Most times, companies require the services of engineers on their projects. These engineers serve as consultants and give advice to these companies on their projects. They also help in project investigations and analysis. If you are an engineer, you can list your services online and get clients that would pay for your services.



  1.    Manufacturing

If you are a manufacturer of products, you can expand your reach online and manufacture products for clients. A client would offer a description of an item he wants and you have to manufacture it and ship to them then get paid for it. Most times it would require you signing non-disclosure agreements. You can set up your own website for this purpose or source jobs on freelancing platforms.



  1.    Product sourcing

There are online stores that sell products and require those products to be restocked when it is finished. Most times, they require product sourcing services in order to source products. If you are good in sourcing products from manufacturers you should definitely give this a try.



  1.    Mobile phones/computing

This job requires the services of mobile app developers and computer software developers. App testers also fall under this category. If you have all the necessary programming skills to build mobile apps, games, web apps, and so on, you can start an online business to offer your services to potential clients.



  1.    Freight/shipping

There are clients that would require the service of individuals in shipping goods from one country to another. For example, an English client might require the services of a Chinese person to help with souring a product and shipping to his country. You can offer your services to such clients and get paid to do that.



  1.    Animation

If you are a very good animator with the ability to create short or feature animations, model 3D characters, and other skills, you can work online as an animator. Most organizations require the service of animators in making videos and 3d characters for their audience. You can find jobs on freelancing platforms or list your services on your website.

If you want to be successful in starting an online business, you need to find a niche that would be highly profitable. Also make sure that you keep up with changing trends in order to seek effective ways to promote your business, check out your competitors and see how you can improve in the services you render. Also, make research and find out what people are talking about.



  •         Online Business you have to invest money to start

There are other online businesses that can be started with a little fund. This following is a list of online business ideas that might interest you. Let this be your starting point on your entrepreneurial journey.



  1.    Online Retailing

The thought of owning an online shop is exciting to many people today. This form of online business is gaining popularity increasingly and it is even easier lately because there is so much information online to guide you through this process. To begin online retailing, you would need a product to sell and an online website to market those products. You can choose to have your own website or make use of e-commerce platforms. There are several online e-commerce platforms like eBay, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly that you could try. This online business would require funding to purchase inventory. Read online guides that will help you make a success out of this business.



  1.    Computer/Smartphone Store

If you are skilled in selling online, you can choose to start an online store where you can sell computers or a Smartphone. You can generate a lot of revenue from this business because there is a huge market available worldwide for this business. You would need a website to list your products. Include a payments system and set up a shipping arrangement. You can choose to sell new devices or fairly used devices.



  1.    Forex Trading

This is an online business that involves trading currencies online. Although this business is very risky, it can also be very rewarding. This job requires you to be highly skilled financially. You should have a good knowledge of cash flow, cash exchange and possess analytic skills. To further improve your skills, there are sites online that offer training to those interested so they can be forex traders. To begin, search for forex trading platforms and sign up.



  1.    Online Jewelry Store

If you sell pieces of jewelry offline, you can expand your reach on the market to increase sales. What is needed is to create a website, list your products for sale, set up a secure payment method and make shipping arrangements. Get a web designer to design your site and start selling to customers around the world.



  1.    Stock  Trading

Stock trading involves the buying and selling of shares of a company. A new trend called social trading is like a social network for stock traders. There are sites like EToro that makes this possible by bringing traders together to form a community. You can begin this kind of online business to start making cool cash.



  1.    Online Book Store

So many people are interested in buying books online, especially books that are not easily sourced locally.  You can begin selling books online to fill this need. These include audio books, eBooks or hard copy books. You can choose to sell books on different subjects on Amazon or eBay. You should also make shipping arrangements as well.




  1.    Online Car Dealership

Garage owners who sell cars can expand their reach to a worldwide audience and make money selling cars. It is even easier and faster to close a sale online than from a garage. Get a web designer to help design your online website, list the cars you have for sale as well as their prices. Whether you sell new or fairly used cars, there is always a market online for you.



  1.    Online Auctioning

Auctioning involves selling products by making them available for bidding and then selling the product to the highest bidder. That is what an auctioneer does. If you have skills in auctioning, you can create an auctioning site or use other auctioning sites like eBay. List your products on the site and you’re all set. Most times, you would be charged for listing and selling products depending on the type of seller account you have.



  1.    Real Estate

There are online jobs for realtors. If you provide real estate services you can take your business online. Statistics have shown that people prefer searching the internet when they want to buy or rent properties than reading real estate magazines. For this reason, you can take your real estate business online and list your properties.



  1. Social Networking Site

Now a lot of people might argue that this isn\’t profitable, especially since there are already big social networking sites today. This should not be a barrier and even though it may take a long while before revenue can be generated on your site, you should be ready to work diligently and be dedicated. First, begin by choosing a niche and finding your target market so as to attract people to your site.



  1.    Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the act of buying domains and selling them at a profitable price. This business is fully internet based. It requires you to buy domains that have the potential to sell and sell it to those interested in buying it. It can be a risky job, especially if you buy domains that do not sell. Notwithstanding, this business is very profitable.




  1.    Sport Shop

An online sports shop is a really cool business aimed at targeting sports lovers around the world. This business involves selling sporting accessories or sports wears. There is a large market for this business. Just like any online store, you would need to create a website, list your products and prices, and make shipping arrangements.



  1.    Online Electronic Cigar Store

There is a huge market available for electronic cigars, otherwise known as e-cigars. You can begin this kind of online business. With proper marketing, you will be able to attract customers and generate revenue.




  1.    Online Wallpaper Store

This is another profitable online business you can begin. It involves selling wallpapers online. I cannot guarantee that you would make huge sales from this, but you would certainly make some amount of revenue. This business is something you can do alongside your regular job.


101. White Label and Reselling  Partner Program

White Labelling involves partnering with a software developer or owner to resell their product under your brand name, in this regard , you will insert your logo and actually own the product .  This kind of online business can be free to start and comes with high profit margins. So you basically , rebrand , reprice and resell people\’s softwares for yourself

Software White labeling works because of the  fast growing market for online softwares commonly referred to as SaaS – Software as a Service. Examples include ResellerClub Appinstitute rebrandapps, 

There are lots of software that you can resell.

These includes

  • Email Software
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Erp Softwares
  • App Development platforms
  • Social Media Managment Platfroms

No matter what you choose to resell, there is a large market available.


You don’t have to limit yourself to just one idea on the list. You can begin with one and when you’re comfortable with it, you can try another online business venture. As time goes on, your revenue will multiply greatly.


About the author

Kwabena Okyire

After 13 years in digital marketing, I left my job in 2019 to work online full-time. Today I run my own agency, help local companies with digital marketing, freelance on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and share proven marketing and personal branding strategies from my entrepreneurship journey through this blog.