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Why A One Page Sales Funnel Makes Sense

When it comes to marketing and sales the biggest achievement and challenge is closing the sale.



But oftentimes prospects steer clear when you try to sell them, they may show interest in what you are doing, but not enough to pay for it.

So how do a one-page sales funnel can make a difference?

To better understand the one-page sales funnel and how it is better, it is first important to tell you a little about the traditional sales funnel and why do people use them.

According to one report from Statista:

It was found that according to 55 percent of respondents, articles and blog posts were considered the most valuable content for moving prospects through the sales funnel.

Further 43 percent said that reviews and customer testimonials helped them move their prospects through the B2B sales funnel.

So attracting traffic to your website or website content may not be a challenge for you as you can always hire SEO experts and optimize it, or hire content creators.

But what about the ultimate goal of all these efforts? To make the prospects buy your service or product?

And that is the reason marketers build sales funnel to create an entire process of multiple pages that goes throughout the buyer’s journey ending with the purchase.

Now a one-page sales funnel can make the whole buying experience as easy and quick as possible, how? Keep reading.


What are one-page sales funnel?


Simple, as mentioned above sales funnel is designed with multiple pages by keeping your customer’s journey in mind, from when they first opened your email to the final order purchase.

But a one-page sales funnel is focused on one CTA or Call To Action, skipping these phases, and describing a clear action.

In short one-page funnels are used by marketers to shorten the overall process.

This can have a lot of benefits, so let’s see what they are:


Focused efforts:


By far one of the greatest advantages of having one-page sales funnel over others is that your efforts and designs are focused to tell your buyer one thing…take action.

The traditional sales funnel works on AIDA which are:

Awareness: Where you capture the attention of the audience

Interest: Where you introduce curiosity in their heads

Desire: Where you point out how your product can make their lives better.

Action: Where they become a customer

As you guessed a sales funnel can stretch these steps further.

But a one-page sales funnel can shorten all these steps.

Let that be getting email lists, free ebooks, and closing a sale.

A one-page funnel if created correctly can convert viewers into customers in a snap.


Creates efficiency:


Traditional sales funnels require a lot of effort from marketers to build hence also have few hidden costs.

Other than that things like optimization, ads, and email can take furthermore time.

And after that additional details aka details that are not required to complete the purchase can make your prospects leave.

Things like shipping addresses without having a physical product can only take your ideal customer’s time and to be honest, a lot of customers won’t add tons of information if asked.

So instead we have one page and we can get rid of these things and make the overall buying experience smoother.


Better conversion rates:


A one-page sales funnel can create a better lead to customer conversion than traditional sales funnel, How?

With one-page sales funnel the effort is doubled as there the content and descriptions are minimized so only the best ones are used.

You have to come up with the best copy that you are sure can convert your leads into customers so there is less room for failure.

Less room for failure means improving your odds of making your prospects impressed in the first interaction with your business process.

Marketing and sales are combined in one page to boost the overall process and make it far more simpler and actionable compared to sales funnels.

Other than when it comes to buying something, the buyers prefer options with less hassle, so more buyers would be more motivated to buy.

An example of this could be Amazon: When you want to purchase something do you land on multiple websites and fill out big lengthy forms that require details that are not relevant?

No, your whole purchase can be done in less than 5 minutes, lesser if you already have your card as they focus on “one-click buy” so you don’t even have to set up payment info.

Less time and less effort required by the leads = More customers.

This also gives you an edge over your competitors as you are trying something different.


Increasing productivity:


This last point may not be entirely buyer-focused but it is crucial for your organization.

Your employees are the working parts of your machinery therefore it is important to take care of them and optimize their efforts.

The time it can take to create one big sales funnel can be used to create multiple one-page funnels or even used for doing something better that needs attention.

Plus your sales and marketing department can create better copy for your landing pages while working together and faster.

So as a marketer have you ever used a sales funnel? Would you try one-page sales funnel from now on? Let us know below!

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